Monzone Offers Outstanding Thermo King Bus Air-Conditioning Systems

Monzone & Themo King

Monzone is the distributor for Thermo King, the world leader in transportation control system in the Singapore and Malaysia markets.

Thermo King TK Cool & TDD Series

Monzone Air-Conditioning Pte Ltd is the distributor for Thermo King, which is acclaimed as the world leader in transport temperature control systems, truck and trailer refrigeration, bus and rail air-conditioning systems, in the Singapore and Malaysia markets. Thermo King, a unit of Ingersoll-Rand Company Ltd, is one of North America’s and Europe’s most recognised brands.

Thermo King TK-Cool Series Bus Air-Conditioning systems 

Thermo King’s new TK-Cool Series is widely applied for light, medium and large buses and coaches. Monzone says it is designed to offer ‘extraordinary’ performance with high reliability and a lightweight design, delivering ‘outstanding’ value for operators.

Highlights of the TK-Cool Series include driving energy and operational efficiency while providing precise, low-noise temperature control, thus resulting in reliable passenger comfort. The TK-Cool family includes the CS Series consisting of the CS-1000, CS-1100 and CS-1200.

Key features of the CS Series include side air-intake that ensures flexible application and being mounted forward or rearward on the bus, and in either direction. The CS Series also has compact and streamlined design for enhanced vehicle efficiency and styling, while improved condenser coils ensure higher heat transfer efficiency. Monzone says these products are ‘skilfully’ manufactured with one-piece frames for high strength and easier maintenance, and feature Thermo King compressors that are renowned for the highest reliability and performance. An option for the CS Series is brushless blowers with high efficiency and low noise. T

Thermo King TDD Series for Double-Deck Buses

Thermo King also offers the TDD Series for double-decker applications, resulting in maximum passenger comfort in the upper and lower decks. The TDD Series, which includes the TDD-M1, TDD-M2 and TDD-C, has features such as single compressor operation for high reliability, environmentally responsible HFC refrigerant, filter-drier with isolation service valve and AC induction brushless motor for increased lifespan, cleaner and quieter operation as well as reduced wear and tear.  

Meanwhile, the Thermo King TDD-S unit offers a multi-compartment air-conditioning system and a unique, rear-mounted HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technology for double-decker applications. The TDD-S unit's single piece evaporator, heater and condenser unit are rear mounted and this integrated unit is said to ensure flawless bus aesthetics.

Regarding control systems, Thermo King provides two options, namely CANAIRE and ClimaAIRE ID. They could control temperature in one, two or three separate zones and also allow automatic or operator selected cool, heat and vent mode operation.

Automatic and manual fan speed, driver defrost and airflow controls are also available.

Monzone is the Best Choice

Unlike those that supply parallel imports, Monzone says that as a proud distributor, it could provide longer warranty coverage and maintenance.

Another after-sales highlight is Monzone's 24/7 hotline for fast response services. This hotline is complemented by the company's own maintenance workshop and building, which stocks common parts and components to reduce the operating unit's downtime. Thus, speedy recovery of the operating unit could be achieved with Monzone's after-sales support and customer service sales teams.

As logistics operators know well, these after-sales advantages from Monzone are particularly important as transport temperature control systems are quite challenging and need to address issues such as wide ranging and fluctuating temperatures, tough operating environments, road shocks and vibrations, and fuel efficiency. A longer warranty coverage and maintenance as well as a 24/7 hotline for fast response services are crucial in ensuring better performance and reducing repair costs and systems downtime, which ultimately translate to higher business profits.


Monzone 提供卓越冷王巴士空调系统




冷王全新TK-Cool系列被广泛应用于轻型、中型及大型公共巴士及长途巴士。  Monzone说,它性能卓越,具有高可靠性的轻量化设计,为营运者提供非凡价值。

TK Cool系列在提供准确、低噪音温控的同时,带来驾驶能源和营运效率,提升乘客的舒适性。TK-Cool家族系列包含CS系列—CS-1000,CS-1100及CS-1200。





冷王在控制系统方面提供了两大选 择,CANAIRE和ClimaAIRE ID 。它们能够在一、二及三个分开的区域控制温度,同时让运营者选择冷、热及通风模式操作。



Monzone说它与平行进口商不同,他们提供较长的保固 覆盖和维修。

另一个售后服务焦点是Monzone 24/7热线,更迅速地响应服务。 除了热线,该公司的维修厂和建筑都会储存一般零部件,降低运行机组的停机时间。因此,Monzone的售后服务和客户服务销售团队能够快速恢复运行中的机组。



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