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Maximise Your Corporate Fleet’s Potential with Daihatsu Business Fleet Program

Daihatsu Business Fleet

The Daihatsu Business Fleet Program is a comprehensive fleet programme management that provides SMEs with innovative solutions and service support.

Daihatsu Malaysia Provides Tailor-Made Solution for Corporate Fleet Customers

Many business owners will come to a point where they need to consider buying one vehicle or several for business use. The need to purchase or lease a vehicle is inevitable especially for businesses that offer services and transportation of goods such as raw material, day to day supplies and timely delivery of finished products, including in the food truck business.

Whether you need one or a fleet of vehicles, there are many benefits of investing in a good business vehicle. You could have a full control of your fleet and delivery, which will eliminate the need to depend on third-party logistics providers, which help in reducing operating costs. Unlike the logistics providers, who have to pick-up and drop-off other clients’ goods at various locations, the business-owned vehicle does not have to stop at any point other than the designated destination. Thus, it is also more time-saving and safer.

Time saved on delivery means more efficiency. The efficiency of day-to-day activities would result in higher productivity, and meeting targets in good time.

With business owned vehicles, a company would be able to meet the specialised transportation needs of its staff. This also increased the oversight and control of their fleet, as they are able to install telematics to gain deeper insight and visibility into their fleet operations including where their vehicles are located and where they are being driven. It also helps the company to deploy improvement plans and change driver behaviour, as well as the keys for return on investment (ROI) and the measuring of results.

In addition to the logistics, scheduled servicing is also an important element which individual owners tend to postpone as they are either not tied to any service contract or simply lacking in budget. As business vehicles under any fleet program are known to be sent for prompt maintenance service as standard practice by the operators, drivers of a fleet may enjoy peace of mind knowing the vehicle is performing at its best.

Branding and corporate identity is another advantage of having an individual company fleet for their mobile workforce.  A standard vehicle with a specific brand and model helps to define the company’s corporate identity. Placing your company’s logo and name on the business vehicle is also a low-cost direct marketing, allowing you to build greater brand awareness and visibility.

Investing in corporate vehicles is a critical business decision, and there are so many options in the market, which all have their own price, features, performance, capability and varying degrees of dependability. So how do you choose the right vehicle that not only meets your budget, business needs and requirements, but also supports end-to-end services?

A Tailor-Made Solution to Satisfy Unique Business Needs

Almost all vehicle manufacturers or official distributors offer a fleet programme for commercial businesses, governments, delivery services, public utilities, leasing companies, as well as for rental and emergency use. Joining a fleet programme provides many distinct benefits, such as incentives for bulk pricing discounts or flexible group financing and leasing, parts and service programmes, a discount on parts, personal customer service and support, just to name a few.

Every official vehicle distributor has their own requirements for fleet programme, including Daihatsu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (DMSB).

“We launched the Daihatsu Business Fleet Program (BFP) at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2019, with an aim to provide comprehensive ownership experience for small and medium businesses as well as customers with larger fleets,” said Managing Director Arman Mahadi.

The Daihatsu Business Fleet Program, he explained, is a comprehensive fleet programme management that provides small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), company fleet purchases and customers with innovative solutions and service support to maximise the fleet’s potential.

He pointed out that when a company signs up to the Program, they are gaining an access to DMSB’s extensive services. From a wide range of vehicle fleets, tailored made service solutions, breakdown support, a comprehensive training program as well as other generous fleet incentives.

“To cater for the different needs of various industries, our Gran Max light commercial vehicle range is available from panel vans to pick-ups up to 17 body applications, and other medium to heavy segment models. As we aspire to deliver the best value within the industry, our fleet partners get to enjoy special rebates with new procurement of Daihatsu fleets. We also provide an extended vehicle warranty service, 3 years or 100,000 km standard manufacturer warranty and 2 years or 50,000 km extended warranty for better protection and peace of mind.”

Also included in the Daihatsu Business Fleet Program, he said, is a Maintenance Service Contract to keep the vehicle in optimal condition. “We would work with our fleet customers on an individual basis to personalise the service maintenance plan with an additional value-added service, which help to reduce downtime and total cost of ownership. In addition, with our service credit term facilities, our fleet customers that joined the Program will able to benefit from our service credit term facilities that provides them with up to RM10,000, with a 30 days credit term for vehicle maintenance. This is a great aid to them especially in times made even more uncertain by Covid-19.”

Other benefits, he said, include Daihatsu’s Mobile Service, a dedicated on-site vehicle service exclusively for Daihatsu fleet customers without additional chargers. The Driver Safety Training Program to improve personal driving skills, road safety culture, vehicle upkeep and ensure longer uptime.

“Road traffic accidents and unforeseen vehicle breakdown can be quite stressful, and that’s why we have included the Accident Repair & Insurance Claim Service in the Program. From 24-hour accident towing to our trusted panel workshop, which offers referrals for initial repair, to filling and negotiating claims with the insurance provider. Our ‘Single Point of Contact’ automotive repair centre and insurance claim centre will help our fleet customers step-by-step to ensure a hassle-free experience.”

DMSB Hino Premium Loyalty Program Now Extended to All Daihatsu-Hino Dealerships Nationwide

On top of the Daihatsu Fleet Business Program, Daihatsu also extending their Hino Premium Loyalty Program inclusive of mobile service exclusively for Hino truck or bus purchase from Daihatsu Malaysia-Hino dealership.

“When we first launched this Program in 2018, it is only for our Hino outlet in Larkin, Johor Bahru. But, now we have extended it to all Daihatsu-Hino dealership nationwide. The Premium Loyalty Program serves to retain and reward customers but what differentiate this program from the rest is that it is custom designed to benefit both truck owners and drivers as well the long-serving customers. The customer that signing up as member is entitled up to 20 percent discount on parts, 3+1 Free Service, Free Vehicle Inspection and more,” Arman added.

Furthermore, he said, in the effort of providing greater convenience to the fleet customers, they have re-established the Mobile Vehicle Service with the concept of ‘We Bring Service to Your Doorstep!’

DMSB is looking at not only retaining and benefiting its Gran Max owners, but also towards its medium to heavy duty fleet of Hino owners. We care and believe all customers are equal regardless of Gran Max or Hino. DMSB’s objective is still to provide better value-added service as well as benefiting more and more of their customer’s business operations, from purchasing through to servicing.”













董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi)说:“我们在2019年的马来西亚商用车展中推介大发商用车队计划(BFP),旨在为中小型企业和拥有较大车队的客户提供全面的所有权经验。”



“为了应付不同的行业需求,我们的Gran Max轻型商用车系列提供从厢型车到皮卡17种不同的车身,还有其他中型到重型的车款。我们渴望在这个行业里提供最佳的价值,于是我们的车队伙伴将可在购买新大发车队时享有特别的回扣。我们还提供延长的汽车保修服务,在3年或100,000公里制造商标准车辆保修外,还另外提供两年或50,000公里的延长保修,为客户提供更好的保护,让他们安心。”






阿曼补充:“我们在2018年推出这项计划时,只有我们位于新山Larkin的日野门店能够享有这项服务,但现在我们将它延伸至全国大发-日野代理商。此优质忠诚计划旨在留住和奖励客户,但它与其他计划的不同之处在于它是专为卡车业主和驾驶员,以及长期客户的利益而量身定制的。签署该计划并成为会员的客户,将可享有20% 的零部件折扣、3+1 免费服务、免费车辆检测等。”


“大马大发对Gran Max和日野车主一视同仁,我们要保留Gran Max和日野中型与重型卡车的客户,使他们受益。因此,大马大发的目的始终是为这两个品牌的业主提供更好的附加值服务,从采购到服务,为他们的业务带来利益。”

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