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Malaysia’s First Solar-Powered Refrigerated Truck

A durian crepe producer is very happy with using Malaysia’s first solar-powered refrigerated truck to reduce fuel costs and plans to buy more such green technology trucks in the future.  

“I would also encourage our agents to adopt this green technology,” said Rohazawati Mamat, Managing Director of Ulfa Rania Collection that owns the Durian Crepe Subang Bestari brand and distributes the durian crepe products via agents to grocery shops, restaurants and even petrol stations in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. 

The company, which was set up in 2012, has nine employees and an average monthly production of 15,000 packs.  

“We participate in many events and road shows all over the country; hence, the need to buy a refrigerated truck so that our products could be kept fresh for long journeys,” said Rohazawati, who was formerly with Petronas and had always been interested in renewable energy sources like solar power. 

“A neighbour who is a transporter recommended Mitsubishi Fuso trucks to me. I was told about the reliability of Fuso trucks and that the brand is part of the Daimler group,” she said.  

Rohazawati was introduced to Leong Chi Kong, General Manager of Lean Brothers Truck and Machinery Sdn Bhd, an authorised Fuso 3S dealer who assisted her step by step. Leong took note of her business needs and truck specifications, and proposed an innovative solution – a solar-powered refrigerated truck.  

“I was very excited about this new concept and decided to invest in a solar-powered refrigerated truck to save fuel costs,” said Rohazawati.  

The solar power technology for the truck was supplied by Sumos Green Tech (M) Sdn Bhd, a specialist and solutions provider for eco-friendly, solar-powered and renewable energy systems. This renewable energy system generates electricity using four basic components – solar panels, solar EPS (emergency power supply), solar PV (photovoltaic) battery storage and solar regulator controllers. 

The solar panels that are the main component of the renewable energy system use Dutch technology and are sourced from China; they are said to have a lifespan of 20 years. “It comes with a special nano ceramic coating that has self-cleaning properties so that dirt would not stick. This also prevents fungus and algae growth,” said Sumos Green Tech Group Managing Director Kently Lim.  

Lim pointed out that the cost of using a solar energy system in a truck was lower, compared with a conventional generator set. “With a conventional generator set, you need to stop every two to three hours to give it a rest. There are also fuel and maintenance costs, wear and tear, among others. With the solar energy system, it only requires simple maintenance once every six months – measure voltage and cleaning. To prolong the battery lifespan, we could re-generate the battery once a year for a fee. The initial investment in a solar energy system is higher by around 20 per cent but in the long term, it would result in more savings.” 

Lim also noted that a solar energy system was suitable for Malaysia, a tropical country with lots of daily sunshine.    

Meanwhile, the truck body builder was Chin Yap Engineering Sdn Bhd, a specialist in lorry body work and repairs. Director Kaynny Chin also liked the solar energy system and said younger and better educated food truck entrepreneurs wanted modern concepts and were more ready to embrace green concepts. 

“The disadvantages of using a generator set are the noise, pollution and unstable electricity load that could lead to equipment damage. With a solar energy system, it provides a stable electricity load and this keeps food fresh for a longer period; there is less damage to equipment and no smoke, thus providing a better environment for customers to enjoy their food,” said Chin. 




一个榴莲班戟(Durian Crepe)生产商对马来西亚的第一辆太阳能冷藏车感到满意,认为它相当节油,并计划在未来购买更多采用该绿色科技的卡车。

“我也鼓励我们的代理采用这个绿色科技。”Ulfa Rania Collection董事经理诺汉扎瓦蒂(Rohazawati Mamat)表示。Durian Crepe Subang Bestari 是该公司旗下的品牌,他们透过代理将该品牌的榴莲班戟销售到吉隆坡和雪兰莪一带的便利店、餐馆,甚至加油站。


“我们参与全国各地的许多活动和路秀,因此需要购买冷藏车作为长途运输用途,以确保产品的保鲜。” 诺汉扎瓦蒂表示。曾任职国油的她,一直以来就对再生能源充满兴趣。


后来诺汉扎瓦蒂在别人的介绍下认识了连兄弟卡车及机械私人有限公司总经理梁志刚。作为扶桑的3S代理,梁志刚开始逐步协助她。梁志刚针对其业务性质和对卡车规格的需求,向她推荐了一个充满创意的解决方案 —太阳能冷藏车。


该卡车的太阳能技术来自Sumos 绿色科技(马)私人有限公司,环保、太阳能及再生能源系统专家。 该再生能源系统透过4大基本组件—太阳能板、太阳能EPS(紧急电源供应)、太阳能PV(光伏)电池储存及太阳能调节控制器来发电。


林建利指出,采用太阳能系统比运用传统发电机组的卡车成本来得低。“采用传统发电机组的卡车,除了必须每2至3小时将车子停下来休息一会,还要负担燃油和维修、耗损成本等。太阳能系统 则只需每6个月进行简单的养护—测量电压和清洗。我们也可以每年为你的电池重新充电一次,以延长电池的使用寿命。当然,费用另计。虽然采用太阳能的最初投资成本高了大约20%,但长期下来将带来更大的节省。”

他也注意到太阳能系统相当适合国内市场, 因为马来西亚是个热带国家,每天几乎都是阳光普照。











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