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Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks Fuel Teoh Company Logistics’ Business Growth

From Fuso FE639 to FE83PG and the latest FE85PG model, as well as FM517 HL prime-movers, Teoh is a big fan of Fuso trucks.

Teoh Company Logistics Use Only Fuso Trucks

Teoh Company Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd recently received five Fuso Canter FE83PG 7500kg trucks from Vista Wheels Sdn Bhd, the authorised Mitsubishi Fuso dealer. The handover ceremony was held on 27th August at Teoh Company Logistics’ premises in Subang Jaya.

“We have used Fuso trucks since day one when our company was established. Teoh Company Logistics was founded by my late father in 1995 with a fleet of two Fuso Canter FB300 trucks. These trucks are still running till today and we use them for local delivery. This shows how durable and reliable a Fuso truck is,” said Managing Director Alvin Teo.

The company grew tremendously under Teo’s leadership. Today, Teoh Company Logistics has earned its esteemed reputation as one of the leading logistics service providers, in particular the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. Many prestigious household names in the market including Tesco, Giant, Aeon, Aeon Big, Watson, Guardian and 7-Eleven are its customers.

“We also specialise in transportation services such as machine delivery with tail lift truck, shunting delivery, warehouse transfer, support co-pack business, hypermarket delivery, loose cargo delivery for outlets and department stores as well as distribution centre delivery.”

While getting into the industry is not difficult, staying successful as a logistics solution provider could be challenging. Teo stressed the importance of choosing the right vehicle for the job as it would lead to efficiency and speed in service.

No Worry on Spare-Parts Availability

At present, he has 66 trucks, including the 5 new units. “They are all Fuso, from the earlier FE639 to FE83PG and the latest FE85PG model. Besides these 7500kg light trucks, we also have Fuso FM517 HL prime-movers.”

In addition to vehicle safety, reliability and premium quality, the primary reason for this company choosing the Fuso brand is because of spare-parts availability. Although Teoh Company Logistics has its own workshop, there are times when its trucks have to visit workshops on the highway. Fuso trucks were quite popular, he said, as one could find their spare-parts in any workshop, which significantly reduced downtime.

“The Fuso truck is a workhorse that is value for money. Keeping our trucks working smoothly is important as it helps us in meeting our customers’ needs and in turn, helps grow our business.”

Teo finds it easier to deal with only one brand, especially when it comes to maintenance and repair. “Fuso trucks do not have many electronic components, making them easy and simple to maintain. Our workshop does not have to keep different brands of spare-parts and our technicians have become Fuso experts as they are dealing with only one brand. In addition, the original spare-parts are of a high quality and reasonable priced.”

Compared to the other light trucks in a similar class, he pointed out that the Fuso FE85PG with a 6.166 final drive ratio was more powerful. When loaded, it could ascend a gradient without the need to change gears. In the long run, the maintenance cost of the gearbox was lower.

Besides that, he said a good truck brand would help to retain good drivers. “Our drivers say Fuso trucks are among the roomiest, quietest and most comfortable vehicles they have ever experienced. The seat is comfortable with less vibration.”

Good After-Sales Service

The company did not encounter any major issues with its Fuso fleet. Teo said preventive maintenance was only needed for the first 3 years. Furthermore, the company encountered no problems with the Fuso trucks in passing the mandatory annual Puspakom vehicle inspection, especially the smoke emitting test.

“We are satisfied with the good after-sales service provided by Vista Wheels. They take good care of us and they offer hassle free trade-in service. We are amazed that after 13 years usage, the resale value for Fuso trucks is still very good.”

Another added value service enjoyed by the company is driver training. “Fuso would send its trainers to our premises to conduct training for our drivers. These training sessions help to refresh our drivers’ driving skills and knowledge.”

Teoh Company Logistics expects to continue renewing and expanding its fleet capacity with Fuso trucks. The recent 5 Fuso trucks, he said, were the replacement for old units. “We would gradually replace our old trucks first before we expand with additional new units.”




趙公司物流(马)私人有限公司近日接获三菱扶桑授权代理Vista Wheels 私人有限公司所交付的5辆7,500 公斤的扶桑Canter FE83PG轻卡。该移交仪式于8月27日在赵公司物流位于梳邦再也的总部举行。

“我们从公司成立的第一天开始就采用扶桑卡车。赵公司物流是先父1995年创办的,当时我们只有两部扶桑Canter FB300 卡车。这两辆卡车直到今天仍可以行驶,我们目前还用它们在本地送货。 这显示了扶桑卡车有多么的耐用和可靠!”董事经理赵启良表示。

在赵启良的带领下,该公司成长迅速。如今,赵公司物流已经成为本地的领先物流供应商之一,特别是在快速消费品(FMCG)领域。市场上许多家喻户晓的品牌如Tesco、巨人超市(Giant)、Aeon、Aeon Big、屈臣氏(Watson)、Guardian及7-Eleven都是他们的客户。

“运输服务业也是我们的专长,如以高空作业车(tail lift truck)来运送机器、分流运送、仓库转移、支援包装加工、超级市场送货、分行和百货商店的散货交付,以及分销中心运送等。”



目前,他拥有66辆卡车,包括5辆新车。“它们都是扶桑,从最初的的FE639、FE83PG 到近期的FE85PG车型。除了这些7,500公斤的轻卡外,我们也拥有扶桑FM517 HL牵引车。”




他指出,最后传动比为6 .166的扶桑FE85PG 车型与其它同级的轻卡相比,动力更大。负载时,可在不换档的情况下爬坡。长期下来,变速箱的维修成本较低。




“我们相当满意Vista Wheels所提供的良好售后服务。他们很照顾我们,为我们提供无忧的旧车折价换新车的服务。我们对行驶了13年的扶桑卡车,仍能取得良好的转售价值感到无比惊喜。”











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