Express Tyre Service Available at Daihatsu Malaysia Shah Alam Service Centre

Daihatsu Malaysia

Daihatsu Malaysia Shah Alam Service Centre now have two dedicated express bays specifically for wheel alignment and balancing.

Make an Apointment with Daihatsu to Enjoy 'Express' Wheel Alignment and Balancing  

To continuously improve customer experience and after-sales service, Daihatsu Malaysia expanded the services of its authorised service centre in Section 15, Shah Alam, Selangor to include express alignment and tyre balancing service.

“We have two dedicated express bays (one for Daihatsu Light Commercial Vehicles and the other for Hino trucks) with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment specifically for wheel alignment and balancing. The express bays are set up for drivers who are in hurry to get their vehicles serviced before Puspakom inspection and get back on the road. This value-added service is performed by Daihatsu’s highly trained and certified technicians at an affordable price with convenience, offering a smooth and hassle-free experience for customers as part of assurance via Daihatsu’s quality service,” said Managing Director Arman Mahadi.

He recommended that commercial vehicle operators get the tyres balanced and aligned every 30,000 kilometres and automatically every time new tyres were fitted. An alignment should be done when the tyres were changed, steering or suspension parts being replaced or following driving incidents when the tyres were subjected to hard blows or an accident. This, he stressed, was important to safeguard vehicle and parts warranty assurance.

“The tyre is the only contact point of a vehicle to the road and it plays a crucial role in vehicle manoeuvrability. Therefore, both tyre balancing and alignment are important as they support not only a smooth ride but safe driving. Misaligned wheels could significantly increase the risk of a vehicle accident as braking distances and handling are compromised, especially for a daily operational goods carrying vehicle.”

It is a mandatory requirement that all commercial vehicles undergo a Puspakom routine inspection/re-inspection. He pointed out that Puspakom followed strict standards in its checking procedure to ensure a vehicle was safe and fit for the road. For commercial vehicles (goods), a routine inspection once a year for the first two years and consecutively, an inspection every six months were required.

Among the various inspection areas, he noted, was the slide-slip test that checked the alignment of tyres and road handling effectiveness. “Our Daihatsu Shah Alam service centre now offers a more comprehensive service as tyre balancing and alignment come inclusive of other periodic service maintenance work. With the dedicated express service bays for tyre alignment and balancing, we show customers that we always strive to accommodate their needs and save them time. Apart from reliability, we believe that vehicle maintenance should be convenient and stress free. Additionally, we value their time.”

Maintaining wheels that were well balanced and aligned was critical, he added, not only for safe driving but also to reduce operation cost and vehicle downtime. He shared that having properly aligned wheels reduced the stress on engine and this improved fuel efficiency.  Therefore, healthy fuel efficiency relied on proper alignment. 

“Misaligned wheels put undue pressure on a vehicle, causing damage to the tyres and suspension components. Spending a small amount of money on wheel alignment could prevent unnecessary damage to your vehicle and fewer repairs. A periodic wheel alignment service would smoothen your drive, help your tyres perform properly, decrease the likelihood of uneven wear and increase your tyre life. Customers could now make an appointment for tyre and alignment with us to save time and enjoy the ‘express’ service via,” he concluded.




马来西亚大发为了不断改善客户体验和售后服务,扩大其位于雪兰莪州沙亚南15 区的授权服务中心的服务,增添了快速轮胎平衡和定位服务。

董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi)表示:我们有两个专用快速服务车间(一个供大发轻型商用车,另一个供日野卡车使用),配备最先进的轮胎平衡和定位设备。该快速车间的设立是为了那些急于在将车辆送往电脑验车中心(Puspakom)检查前,对车辆进行维修并重新上路的驾驶人。大发训练有素且经过认证的技术人员,将为客户提供这项价格实惠、便利、顺畅无忧的增值服务,作为大发优质服务保证的一部分。”

他建议商用车驾驶人每 30,000公里就进行一次轮胎平衡和定位,每次安装新轮胎时也应当如此。此外,无论是更换轮胎、转向或悬架部件,在轮胎受到重击或发生事故后都应进行轮胎定位。他强调,这对保障车辆和零部件的保修很重要。



他指出,在各种检查领域中,有一项检查轮胎定位和道路操控效率的滑移测试。 “我们的大发沙亚南服务中心如今可提供更全面的服务,因为在其他的定期维护服务中包含了轮胎平衡和定位。通过轮胎定位和平衡的专用快速服务车间,我们向客户展示了我们始终努力节省他们的时间和满足他们的需求。除了可靠性,我们认为车辆维护应该是方便和无压力的。我们珍视他们宝贵的时间。”


他总结说:“轮胎定位不正确会对车辆带来过大的压力,损坏轮胎和悬架部件。其实,只需花点小钱进行轮胎定位服务就可避免对车辆造成不必要的损坏,减少维修次数。定期进行车轮定位将带来更顺畅的驾驶,帮助轮胎正常运行,减少不均匀磨损并延长轮胎寿命。客户现在可通过 ,在线预约我们的轮胎平衡和定位服务,节省时间并享受‘快速’服务。”




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