MAN Mobility Guarantee for Top Used Trucks


With immediate effect, buyers of MAN Top Used Trucks can also take advantage of MAN's mobility guarantee. This applies in more than 30 European countries.

MAN Mobility Ensures Used Trucks Mobility

The MAN mobility guarantee for used trucks ensures mobility and offers transport companies the full ability to plan and deploy their vehicles. In the event of a technical defect in the vehicle, you can continue your journey quickly. If this is not possible on the same day, for example due to major repairs, a replacement vehicle will be made available or the corresponding downtime will be compensated.

The MAN mobility guarantee is valid in all 27 member states of the European Union as well as Switzerland, Great Britain, Andorra, Norway and Turkey. It is available for all MAN trucks of the TG series and is independent of the respective vehicle application. A requirement for a claim is a combination with a MAN service contract and a MAN TopUsed warranty extension as well as the registration of the vehicle with MAN ServiceCare. In addition, all maintenance and care work on the truck must have been carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and only MAN original parts and lubricants and operating materials approved by MAN must have been used.

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