Simplifying Business – MAN Truck & Bus at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018


Commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus presented its innovations to the world at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018.

MAN Innovations at the IAA 2018

Commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus presented its innovations to the world at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 under the trade show motto ‘Simplifying Business’. The industry trade fair takes place every two years in Hanover. In addition to the current product highlights in the truck and bus sector, MAN was particularly focused on introducing developments in the fields of electric mobility, digitalisation and autonomous driving.

“Electric mobility, digitalisation, autonomous driving – many of our customers want to be more informed when it comes to these topics. At the IAA, we want to provide simple answers to complex questions,” says Joachim Drees, Chairman of the Executive Board at MAN Truck & Bus AG. “To do so, we create solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and help them make their businesses simpler, more profitable, more sustainable and future-proof.”

MAN showcased the MAN eTGE, a battery-electric version of the new MAN van, in addition to a fully electric distribution truck, the MAN eTGM. MAN is one of the first manufacturers to present fully electric solutions for the entire field of city logistics between 3 and 26 tonnes.

The fully electric 15-tonne MAN CitE made its world premiere at the IAA 2018. Designed to meet the requirements of urban delivery transport, MAN is setting new standards in safety, ergonomics and environmentally friendly transportation with its MAN CitE. The new model closes the gap between the large eTGM, which is designed for 26 tonnes gross weight and used by 9 Austrian companies from the Council for Sustainable Logistics since early September, and the eTGE, which celebrated its sales launch at IAA 2018 with the handover of the first 4 vehicles to Berlin transport companies.

Due to the fact that delivery drivers in urban areas enter and exit their vehicles up to 30 times a day, the CitE has an unusually low entry height and especially wide doors; the co-driver's door opens at the press of a button. The cockpit is ‘ergonomic perfection’, affording the driver an excellent panoramic view due to a low seat position and large side windows. Additionally, the CitE employs a 360-degree camera system to provide the greatest possible level of safety and eliminate dangerous blind spots. The CitE is purely electrically driven. It has a range of 100 kilometres – more than enough for delivery transport in the city. A close-to-series prototype of the MAN Lion’s City E is also making its début at this year’s IAA. The electric bus is driven by a central motor on the driven axle, which allows space for an optimised seating area in the rear, providing the bus with up to four additional seats. The batteries are crash-proof, located on the roof to save space, allow for a range of up to 270 kilometres and could be charged in just three hours. In addition, the new MAN TGE minibus with 15 to 19 seats makes MAN a full-range provider in the bus segment.

With new MAN Digital Services, MAN also demonstrated how digital added value services for trucks and truck fleets would make fleet operators’ jobs easier in future, and presented its practical projects in the field of autonomous driving with its platooning collaboration with DB Schenker and the autonomous construction site safety vehicle, aFAS. The latter, which was developed in collaboration with Hessen Mobil and other research and development partners, impressed the jury of International Truck of the Year so much with its increased safety for workers on motorway construction sites that it was awarded the Truck Innovation Award; this was presented for the first time this year at IAA.

In the course of the ten visitor days at IAA, the hardworking bus and van sales teams filled the order books with a record-breaking 9,000 vehicle sales – mostly combined with financing and after-sales services from MAN’s extensive service portfolio.

The delegation from Malaysia that attended the IAA with MAN Malaysia included representatives from LTS Logistics Sdn Bhd, Nittsu Transport Sdn Bhd, Seri Harmoni Sdn Bhd, SCB Premier Sdn Bhd and Taipanco Sdn Bhd. Apart from the IAA, they also visited MAN’s factory in Germany and The MAN Group museum in Augsburg.

Jerome Wong, General Manager Sales & Marketing of MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd, said: “We are excited to showcase new developments and innovations to our customers at the IAA. Our aim would always be on making our customers’ job easier, true to the motto 'Simplifying business', while offering them low total cost of ownership.”




商用车制造商曼商用车辆在座右铭为“简化业务”的2018年汉诺威商用车展(IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 )展出其创新产品和服务。该展会每两年在汉诺威举办一次。除了卡客车的领域外,曼特别将重点放在电动出行、数字化和自动驾驶上。

“电动出行、数字化和自动驾驶是我们许多客户关注的课题。在IAA,我们希望为这些复杂的问题提供简单的答案。为此,我们按照客户需求,为他们量身打造解决方案,协助他们简化业务,使他们更有利可图,更具有持续性及与时俱进。”曼商用车公司董事长德雷斯(Joachim Drees)表示。

曼在该展会上除了展示曼eTGM,一款全电动配送卡车外,也展示曼eTGE ,曼的全新电动版货车。曼也成为首家为城市物流提供 3 至26 吨级的全电动解决方案的制造商之一。




曼即将量产的Lion's City E原型车也在今年的汉诺威车展上首次亮相。曼Lion's City E原型车由传动轴上的中央电机驱动,为车辆后排节省了空间,使车辆能够多安装四个座椅。同时,该款公交车将防撞击电池置于车顶上方以进一步节省空间,车辆续行里程最高可达270公里,并能在三小时内快速完成充电。 


透过曼数字服务,曼也展出其卡车及卡车车队数字附加值服务如何在未来简化车队运营者的工作。曼还展示了其与德铁信可(DB Schenker)在卡车列队行驶方面的合作项目以及建筑工地用无人驾驶安全卡车—aFAS。曼aFAS车型由曼与Hessen Mobil公司,以及一些研发合作伙伴共同开发。该车型进一步确保了高速公路上建筑工地施工人员的安全,令年度国际卡车(IToY)的评委们为之深深折服,并在本次车展上荣获了首届卡车创新奖。 


与马来西亚曼公司一同参观该展会的大马公司包括LTS物流私人有限公司、Nittsu 运输私人有限公司、Seri Harmoni私人有限公司、SCB Premier私人有限公司及Taipanco私人有限公司的代表。除了IAA展会,他们还参观了曼在德国的工厂和曼集团在奥格斯堡(Augsburg)的博物馆。 

曼商用车(马)私人有限公司总经理Jerome Wong表示:“我们很开心能够通过IAA将新的发展和创新展示给客户。协助我们的客户简化他们的工作一直是我们不断努力的目标,在忠于‘简化业务’座右铭的同时,为他们提供较低的总拥有成本。”







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