Commercial Vehicle Sales Slow Down in May as the Third Movement Control Order Starts to Bite


The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released May’s vehicle sales, which show improved year-on-year sales, although a dip of over 10% for commercial vehicle sales compared to April 2021 shows how the Movement Control Order (MCO) is affecting the recovery of the market. 

The Market Continues to Adapt to Pandemic Regulations

With a reduction of over 10% in monthly figures when compared to May 2021 (4,675 as opposed to 5,284 in May 2021), a few elements were given for this decline in sales for the commercial vehicle sector. As well as the third MCO, which will continue into June, the month was shorter because of the Hari Raya festival. The final major factor was a shortage of computer chips which affected certain makes, which has been an ongoing problem this year. In more positive developments, the figures showed a healthy 85% increase in commercial vehicle sales compared to last year, with 4,675 sold in May, as opposed to 2,527 the year before. Likewise, the year-to-date sales showed a 108% increase with 25,147 sold so far this year, as opposed to 12,075 last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic ravaged the industry.

Production is also on the up, with a bumper increase in commercial vehicles, with 2,363 vehicles produced, compared to the scaled-back 264 vehicles produced in May the year before. The year-to-date increase is also substantial, with a 142% rise in results. The total so far for 2021 is 17,486, which significantly tops last year’s 7236.

The MAA predicts, that, looking ahead, June will prove to be a sluggish month as the MCO will operate for the whole of June. Showrooms will not be operating for the month, while various government agencies, such as JPJ, Puspakom, SPAD and LPKP will either work with a reduced staff or close for the month.

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