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Sinotruk T5G Launched and JMC 800 Previewed at MCVE 2017

The new Sinotruk T5G was officially launched by Sendok Group at the recent Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2017. 

A new medium and heavy truck under Sinotruk T-series, the T5G was developed by Sinotruk using German MAN technology. Described as a super lightweight truck (kerb weight of 6 tonnes) with Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 18,000kg, the company claims that T5G has outstanding performance, durability, high safety standard and cost efficiency. 

Powered by an advanced 6.9-litre Euro 3 MAN MC07 engine, the new T5G has a maximum output of 310hp at 2,300rpm and torque of 1,230Nm from 1,200 to 1,800rpm. It uses a 9-speed ZF transmission with an average fuel consumption of 3.5km/l. Furthermore, its wide cabin design provides clear view of the surrounding. 

During the launch, Sendok Group also introduced the CAM oil that is specially blended for oil change intervals of up to 30,000km for the Sinotruk T5G and T7H. 

In addition, the company provided visitors a preview of its light truck model, JMC N800. Designed and developed by Jiangling Motors Co, Ltd, which is based in Nanchang, Jiangxi province with high quality standards, the N800 joins the line-up of CAM light trucks under Sendok Group. 

It is said the JMC N800 set a new benchmark for high-end light trucks with its advanced technology, low fuel consumption, elegant appearance and comfortable, safe and luxury configurations. The 6-wheeler JMC N800 light truck with GVW of 5,000kg is powered by a JX4D30 Euro 4 common-rail turbo intercooler 2.9-litre diesel engine, which produces a maximum output of 112kW (150HP) and 382Nm flat torque.

Equipped with a Getrag 6-speed transmission, the company says the six forward gears design provides a superb experience and greatly improves the start-up performance and low-speed climbing ability of the vehicle under full load conditions. The shifting of JMC N800 is smooth and easy; and the fuel economy is improved. Its body floor frame rails, beams, side pillars, rear wall, doors and other parts are made of Baosteel high strength steel. All these are said to have passed the strict design specifications of Ford as well as repeated experiments to ensure the rigidity and strength of the vehicle body and meet the requirements of the ECE regulations.

 The JMC N800 comes with standard features such as power steering, CD/USB audio, remote control with central locking, alarm system and power window, as well as additional features such as central console box and cabin ventilator.


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