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Safe Truck Promotes Transparent Fleet Control with GPS

Safe Truck Fleet Control

One of the biggest contributions of the GPS location service system is the transparency of the logistics process.

Safe Truck – Professional Logistics and Transportation GPS Services Provider

With the rapid development in science and technology and the growth of the global positioning service industry, the logistics and transportation industry is beginning to practise transparent management of the transportation process with a global positioning service.

The acceleration in economic globalisation and the importance of modern logistics to economic development, the GPS (global positioning system) is gradually recognised as a key item. In the past few years, Wilson Yew, who was originally engaged in IT technology, had identified the potential of positioning services in the logistics and transportation industry. After making an analysis and in-depth research, he resigned as an IT Regional Operations Manager in 2017 to set up Safe Truck Sdn Bhd, a company specialising in logistics and transportation GPS services.

Wilson said: “The local logistics industry is in a period of rapid development. Anticipated market competition in the future has brought great opportunities to local traditional logistics enterprises. At the same time, there are challenges. Only maximum satisfaction must be met. Customers’ demand for logistics services in fleet control, while minimising transportation and management costs, could gain customer trust and profit.”

He continued: “Traditional logistics companies could update their concepts in a timely manner, keep pace with the times and make full use of modern logistics information technology to achieve business goals faster and better.”

With Safe Truck’s installation of the GPS location service system on the truck, the transportation company could gain immediate access to all the relevant information related to the truck through the online platform. This includes vehicle position, speed, fuel consumption, mileage and other driving information. In addition, transportation companies could use such systems to monitor the travel pattern of their staff in real time.

One of the biggest contributions of the GPS location service system is the transparency of the logistics process. Combined with advanced 4G high-speed data processing technology and GIS geographic information processing system, the self-developed humanised online vehicle inspection system offers distinct advantages in fleet control management. Customers could determine the situation of their drivers and goods in transit, calculate the time it takes to reach the destination and overcome the dilemma of ‘not knowing what would happen to the goods once they are loaded onto the truck’ in traditional logistics.

Although Safe Truck Sdn Bhd had been operating for a short while, it successfully received funding from Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd last year. The main purpose of the fund is to determine the right company size as a self-employed model. The money is also used to assist the company focus on developing products or prototypes within a year.

With the help of Cradle Fund, Safe Truck could not only focus more on business development, but also enable it to gain more of the customers’ trust.

At present, Safe Truck has about 30 employees and the company is temporarily located in Butterworth, Penang. With the expansion of the company’s business, Wilson said a branch would be set up in Kuala Lumpur and the renovation project was in full swing. He added: “We are quite optimistic about the company’s development prospects. With the support of the Cradle Fund, it is like a shot in the arm as it allows the company to focus more on system improvement and optimise service performance. We hope that we could continue to provide domestic logistics and transport operators with a flawless service.”

Safe Truck通过GPS促进车队控制透明化


随着经济全球化的加速和现代物流对经济发展的重要性,GPS(全球定位系统)逐渐被认为是一个关键项目。在过去的几年里,最初从事IT技术的尤照雄已经确定了物流和运输行业定位服务的潜力。在进行分析和深入研究后,他于2017年辞去了IT区域运营经理的职务,成立了Safe Truck 私人有限公司,这是一家专门从事物流和运输GPS定位服务的公司。

尤照雄说:“当地物流业正处于快速发展时期。未来的市场竞争预期为当地传统物流企业带来了巨大的机遇。与此同时,也存在挑战。我们必须实现最大的客户满意度。 客户除了要求能够控制物流服务里的车队外,还要能最大限度地降低运输和管理成本。这样一来才可获得客户的信任和获得利润。”


通过Safe Truck在卡车上安装GPS定位服务系统,运输公司可以通过在线平台立即取得与卡车相关的所有相关信息。这包括车辆位置、速度、燃料消耗、里程数和其他驾驶信息。此外,运输公司可以使用这些系统实时监控其员工的出行模式。


虽然Safe Truck 已经运营了一段时间,但它去年成功获得了摇篮基金私人有限公司(Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd)的资金。该基金的主要目的是为自雇模式确定合适的公司规模。这笔钱还用于协助公司在一年内专注于开发产品或原型。

在Cradle Fund的帮助下,Safe Truck不仅可以更专注于业务开发,还获得了更多客户的信任。

目前,Safe Truck拥有约30名员工,公司暂时位于槟城北海。随着公司业务的扩大,尤照雄表示将在吉隆坡设立分公司,整修项目正在全面展开。他补充说:“我们对公司的发展前景非常乐观。有了摇篮基金的支持,就像是注入了强心剂,因为它让公司更专注于系统改进和优化服务性能。我们希望我们可以继续为国内物流和运输运营商提供完美的服务。”

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