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Isuzu Marks Record Year with Improved Ranking in Malaysia

Isuzu Improved Ranking in Malaysia

Isuzu Malaysia celebrates another milestone as it marks a record year of clinching 6th place in overall vehicle sales, having improved from 7th the previous year.

Isuzu Achieves Record-Breaking Year with Enhanced Position in Malaysia

According to the 2016 overall sales figures released by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), Isuzu remains the best selling light-duty truck (ELF) for the seventh consecutive year and medium-duty truck (Forward) for the third time.

Isuzu also continued its domination of the Malaysian truck market, taking a commanding 38.9 per cent share.

Sales for the Isuzu D-Max in the pick-up segment increased by 10 per cent despite the general decline in this segment by 19 per cent, which directly improved its market share from 11 per cent to 15 per cent. At a glance, both the D-Max and mu-X are now the top truck brands in the market.

Isuzu remained the top commercial vehicle (CV) operator in Malaysia although sales for the overall automotive industry performance plunged by 13 per cent.

CEO Kenji Matsuoka said: “We are very pleased with our achievement as the preferred commercial vehicle brand in Malaysia again despite a less than positive outlook in the industry in 2016.”

He attributed the success in retaining its position and improvement in market share to the outstanding quality of Isuzu vehicles and the company’s priority to customer satisfaction by conforming to its 3S concept of Sales, Service and Spare-parts.

“Moving up the ranking proves the quality of our products as well as our service. Our service staff takes pride in providing excellent after-sales service and personal attention to our customers by regarding them as ‘partners’,” he continued.

“We place high emphasis on training and are proud that the first batch of graduates from our own Isuzu Technical School (ITS) has been stationed at different authorised Isuzu service centres nationwide to elevate the level of customer satisfaction for that ‘Isuzu experience’,” said Matsuoka.

Amid intense market forces against the industry as a whole, he added that the company’s broad initiative to reach out to its customers resulted in it setting up an office in Kuching in November last year, which contributed to the exceptional response by Malaysian drivers.

“Moving forward, we would like to emphasise our continued promise to constantly improve the quality of service and offerings in both the Commercial Vehicles and Light Commercial Vehicles segments in Malaysia and to be the brand every trucker needs and trusts,” concluded Matsuoka.

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