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Isuzu Malaysia CEO Focuses on Identifying Customer Needs

Isuzu Malaysia CEO

Isuzu Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Shunsuke Okazoe shared his plans and insights about the Malaysian trucking market with Truck and Bus News recently.

Isuzu Dealer Network – Physical and Emotional Touchpoint for Customers

Okazoe began his career at Isuzu Motor Limited’s Japanese Business Management in 1996. He has served in various positions involving corporate and sales planning with international experience gained in Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Isuzu Motors India and Isuzu Motors Co, Thailand. In India, he helped oversee new dealer appointments and the setting up of new factories while in Thailand, he was tasked with managing more corporate planning for the company. He was the General Manager of Sales Planning Department in Japan before assuming his latest position in Malaysia on 1st April, 2022.

“When I came on board, my first goal was to understand the local Malaysian market and identify the real needs of customers and how these needs influence purchasing decisions. Our extensive dealer network across the country plays a key role in bridging the gap between us — a manufacturer and customers — helping us to foster a closer tie with end-users. It is the physical and emotional touchpoint for customers, allowing us to understand our product demand and obtain service feedback. Thanks to our strong and well performing dealer network that is aligned with our goals, the Isuzu’s brand is effectively established in the local market and a better customer experience is created,” he revealed.

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近日,马来西亚五十铃首席执行员冈添俊介(Shunsuke Okazoe)与《卡客车新闻》分享了他对大马卡车运输市场的计划和看法。

1996年,冈添俊介在五十铃汽车有限公司的日本业务管理部门开始了他的职业生涯。他在美国五十铃商用卡车、印度五十铃汽车和泰国五十铃汽车公司的服务期间,累积了丰富的国际经验,并曾担任涉及企业和销售规划的多个职位。在印度,他协助监督委任新代理商和设立新工厂,在泰国,他则负责管理公司企业规划。2022年4 月1日,在出任马来西亚的最新职位前,他曾担任日本销售规划部总经理。



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