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Isuzu Maintains Dominance as Malaysia’s Number One Truck Brand

Isuzu No.1
Isuzu No.1

Isuzu Malaysia recorded another year of stellar performance marked by the highest truck sales among other brands in the market for 2023.

Isuzu Malaysia Solidifies Its Position as Key Player in Local Commercial Vehicle Market

This achievement secured the Number One spot for overall truck brand for the 10th consecutive year and light-duty truck brand for the 14th successive year in Malaysia.

With 7,209 vehicles sold, including light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, Isuzu‘s dominance was underscored by the sale of 6,864 light-duty trucks, constituting 44.9 per cent of the total market sales volume (15,294).

Shunsuke Okazoe, Chief Executive Officer of Isuzu Malaysia, expressed gratitude for the continued success, stating: “We are truly honoured to once again achieve this remarkable success of being Malaysia’s top-selling truck brand. Surpassing a decade of success has exceeded our expectations and underscores our commitment to provide a wide and advanced range of trucks to our customers.”

With a growth of 2.7 per cent compared to the previous financial year, this milestone signifies ongoing progress for Isuzu Malaysia and solidifies its position as a key player in the country’s commercial vehicle industry amidst evolving market dynamics.

“The recovery of the economy and supply chain have led to the rebound of Malaysia’s commercial vehicle market especially in the light-duty segment. Our growth rate in truck sales over the years recorded stable increase as we continuously commit to align our strategy with the broader industry trends and maximise our resources to help our customers advance in their logistics operation. This positive performance underlines our sustained and robust presence in the market,” remarked Okazoe.

In addition to Isuzu‘s impressive sales in the light-duty segment, the company achieved a notable combined sales growth of 11 per cent in the medium-duty, heavy-duty and prime mover segments in 2023.

Isuzu Malaysias success was further underscored by its corporate initiative, which involved upgrading and revamping several dealership outlets in key locations such as Ipoh, Kuching, Kluang, Temerloh and Seremban during the past year, providing visitors and customers with a ‘brand-new retail’ experience. This initiative focused on modernising Isuzu‘s retail outlets and enhancing service offering with a range of sales and after-sales facilities to cater to customer needs.

Okazoe emphasised the significance of Isuzu’s expansive dealership network, which stands as the largest among truck brands, boasting 59 centres strategically located in every state across Malaysia. “Our customers rely on our dealership outlets for sales and after-sales support. As such, we look forward to further extending our reach with the opening of additional new showrooms that we are planning for this year.

“As the industry evolves, we would continue to harness our position as a market-leading player to provide products and services that would further contribute to the overall growth and development of our customers’ logistics operation. With this in mind and in support of the Government’s regulatory implementation on emission standards, Isuzu Malaysia would introduce new Euro 4 models sometime this year,” he concluded.




马来西亚五十铃(Isuzu Malaysia)于2023年再度取得卓越业绩,在众多卡车品牌中脱颖而出,其卡车销售量名列前茅。这一辉煌成就使五十铃在马来西亚连续第10年成为最畅销的卡车品牌,第14年成为最畅销的轻型卡车品牌。

五十铃销售了7,209 辆汽车,包括轻型、中型和重型卡车,其中轻型卡车销量为 6,864 辆,占市场总销量(15,294 辆)的44.9%,凸显了五十铃的主导地位。

马来西亚五十铃私人有限公司首席执行员冈添俊介(Shunsuke Okazoe)说:“我们感到很荣幸再次成为马来西亚最畅销的卡车品牌。跨越十年的成功,对我们来说是一种出乎意料的成就,显示了我们致力为客户提供广泛和先进卡车系列的承诺。”










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