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Drive With Ease and Save Cost with Isuzu Smoother AMT

Isuzu Smoother AMT
Isuzu Smoother AMT

Isuzu, the number one selling truck brand in Malaysia, recently ushered in a game-changing transmission solution for commercial vehicles with its Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) technology.

Isuzu Smoother AMT Enhances Efficiency

Engineered as an innovative and intelligent gearshift technology, Isuzu’s Smoother AMT transmission is a two-pedal operation that does not require the driver to engage the clutch when changing gears like with a traditional manual transmission truck.

Isuzu says trucks equipped with Smoother AMT technology deliver a more convenient driving experience. It utilises computer electronics and a hydraulic system to automate gear shifting, adjusting the clutch and throttle to match engine revs based on driving conditions. It is fitted in a wide range of Isuzu light- to heavy-duty trucks – Elf NLR130 Smoother and NPR150 Smoother and Isuzu Giga EXR420 Smoother and EXZ460 Smoother – that are available in Malaysia.

A standout feature of the Smoother AMT is its ability to enhance efficiency, ensuring seamless gear shifts and consistent torque delivery, particularly in stop-and-start driving scenarios. Isuzu says trucks equipped with Smoother AMT technology offer the best of both worlds, combining the ease of automatic transmission with manual transmission’s performance and fuel efficiency…..

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五十铃Smoother AMT:畅享轻松驾控,省钱又省心


马来西亚销量第一的卡车品牌五十铃(Isuzu)为旗下卡车推出自家研发的AMT变速箱,透过这个创新的AMT变速箱改变商用车的游戏规则。五十铃的Smoother AMT变速箱是一种创新的智能换档技术,采用双踏板操作,司机在换挡时不需要像传统手动变速卡车一样使用离合器。

配备Smoother AMT技术的五十铃卡车为司机带来更为轻松的开车体验。在该技术下,换档操作由电脑和液压系统自动控制,该系统根据驾驶条件操作离合器和节气门,以匹配所需换档的转速。Smoother AMT技术适用于各种五十铃轻型至重型卡车,包括在马来西亚面市的五十铃Elf NLR130 Smoother和NPR150 Smoother,以及五十铃Giga EXR420 Smoother与EXZ460 Smoother。

Smoother AMT的一个突出特点是能够提高效率,确保无缝换档和保持平稳换档和一致的扭矩输出,特别是在频繁的启停驾驶中。搭载Smoother AMT技术的五十铃卡车将自动变速箱与手动变速箱的优点相结合,使得卡车更加易于操控,具备更强的性能,并且更省油……



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