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Hong Seng Group Ventures into Construction Machinery Business

Hong Seng Group Business

Hong Seng Group has been appointed by Shantui Construction Machinery and Shangdong Heavy Industry as the sole distributor in Malaysia.

HSG Brings in Shantui Products to Malaysia

Hong Seng Group (HSG), with 55 years in business, has expanded its wide trade portfolio to include heavy machinery products. It did that by introducing renowned products from China, the Shantui products from Shantui Construction Machinery Co Ltd and Shacman mining truck from Shangdong Heavy Industry Co Ltd. This is in addition to its wide product range to make it a one-stop centre for customers to choose from other than the power generators, marine machinery and rebuilt vehicles.

In recent years, the construction and development market in Malaysia became very active and the demand for road machinery and equipment increased tremendously. It is seen as very good timing for HSG to introduce Shantui and Shacman in Malaysia market. With the HSG 3S teams overseeing the market nationwide, the Shantui and Shacman products are expected to be well established in the Malaysian market.

Hong Seng Group Managing Director Dato Teoh Hai Hin said: “We are proud to be appointed by Shantui Construction Machinery and Shangdong Heavy Industry as the sole distributor in Malaysia. With their strong support and full back-up, we are confident that the products would win the customer’s confidence.”

Dato Teoh explained: “HSG continues to search for renowned Chinese brands because of its confidence in ‘Made in China’ products. We had been introducing China trucks and other products to the Malaysian market for many years. In the beginning, our customers adopted a doubtful attitude: ‘China made? OK or not?’ Today, we could say that the China-made products are successful and acceptable. The China-made products in quality, safety, reliability, durability and performance are already established and had secured international standards, so they are first class.”

The Shantui machinery series includes the Road Roller SR12-5/SR12P-5,Excavator SE210-9 and Wheel Loader SL60WN, SL50WN,SL30WN and SL20WN.

The Shacman product is a mining truck SX3255. All the machines are heavy duty, powered by Weichai engines and equipped by well-known international supply chains.

The Weichai engine is the most famous and made by the number one biggest engine manufacturer in China. It gained the highest confidence and satisfaction from industry users in durability, reliability, low maintenance cost and low fuel consumption, environmentally clean emission, among other benefits.

Dato Teoh disclosed that the company was fully committed to maintain its outstanding performance in services and parts supply.” We would pay more attention to providing a one-stop solution for customers with the best after-sales service. HSG currently operates 14 self-run 3S centres across Malaysia and would add 3 more 3S centres soon; one in Sepang in July this year and the other two in Simpang Pulai and Malacca at the end of the year. By then, we would have 17 3S centres in Malaysia in total.

“We also have 30 mobile service trucks and appointed 30 sub-service centres in the rural areas to back up our service.”

Besides this, HSG also operates several wholly-owned and subsidiary companies. The companies are involved in the commercial vehicle business, from light to heavy trucks, construction machinery, power generators, marine engines, spare-parts, after-sales service, property management and development, agriculture, among others.






山推机械系列包括压路机SR12-5 / SR12P-5、挖掘机SE210-9、轮式装载机SL60WN、SL50WN、SL30WN以及SL20WN。



拿督张海兴透露,该公司对于保持他们在服务和供应零件方面的出色表现尤为重视。“我们更重视的是为客户提供拥有最佳售后服务的一站式解决方案。今天丰成集团在马来西亚经营着自己的14个3S中心,并很快会再增设3个3S中心。这包括了于7月在雪邦开设一家,接着在年底时分别在Simpang Pulai和Melacca 各一家3S中心。届时,我们在马来西亚将总共拥有17个3S中心。”

目前,丰成集团拥有30台移动服务卡车。“为了为客户提供便利的服务,我们也在偏僻的农村地地区委任了超过 30 个服务分支中心,为客户提供服务的便利。”


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