Hohan Truck Economical and Practical; After-sales Service Exceeds Expectations

Hong Seng Group & Hohan trucks

Teik Joo Chan expressed full satisfaction with Hohan trucks since its first purchase of Hohan trucks in 2011.

Hohan Truck Wins Full Satisfaction

Teik Joo Chan Sdn Bhd, one of Malaysia's leading providers of logistics solutions, has been expanding its transportation business since its inception. Since the purchase of 2 Hohan trucks from Hong Seng Group in 2011, the company has expressed full satisfaction with the products. So far, it has acquired 40 Hohan trucks. 

“Our company was founded in the 1980s. In the beginning, the range of trucks available in the market was small and the advantage was that it was possible to drive and encounter fewer problems. But in recent years, we gradually learned that there were a greater number of truck brands and models, and which provided more efficient work," said Managing Director Teoh Yong Soong.

 “We heard a lot about the advantages of using the Hohan trucks in the market, made inquiries and sought information on this brand. At that time, Dato’ Teoh Hai Hin, the Group Managing Director of Hong Seng Group, visited us personally and shared with us his enthusiasm and truck experience. That convinced us to purchase two 6x4 ZZ4255 trucks from Hohan. From his sincerity and expertise as well as the range of services and reputation of the Hong Seng Group, we knew we could count on them.”

 “At present, most of the Hohan trucks purchased by our company are 6x4 ZZ4255 trucks and 4x2 ZZ4186 trucks. According to our drivers, the Hohan truck is quite easy to drive and delivers plenty of power when going up a gradient. The performance of the trucks is comparable to other brands in the market. In addition, we are also pleasantly surprised by the sturdy carriages and good vehicle operation. Even when hauling heavy loads, the trucks provide strong acceleration while being very fuel efficient.” 

In addition, the Hong Seng Group is also willing to accept the feedback of its customers. "There were many times that Dato’ Teoh would call to ask if there were any problems with our trucks or explore any measures that needed improvement. We are happy to share our experience with Dato Teoh. Whether it is good or bad, he would try to improve the situation to achieve maximum benefits.” 

Dato Teoh personally provides repairs to customers

It is not only the products, but also the support provided by the Hong Seng Group that impresses Teik Joo Chan. Apart from the Hohan truck familiarisation training, what the company found useful is the preventive maintenance training that is provided for its drivers as this helped them take good care of the trucks.

“Compared to the other suppliers, the Hong Seng Group provides us with a very good warranty. The Group keeps a wide range of spare-parts to support its customers; thus we have no worries on spare-parts availability. It is worth mentioning that its spare-parts are more affordable than the other brands. All these have made Hohan trucks good value for money,” Teoh said.

As to the efficiency of the after-sales service, he added: "One of the company's truck gearboxes had to be repaired. At that time, it happened that the new gearbox had not arrived yet and the service team was busy repairing other trucks. Dato’ Teoh personally started the crane and removed the gearbox from another new truck to rescue us. To this end, we fully appreciate Dato Teoh’s personal attention and consideration to customers. We are moved because the company provides not only a service, but also a positive attitude towards the business.”

In conclusion, he stated: "We have seen the excellent service performance of the Hong Seng Group and are very satisfied with the products from Hohan Truck. If acquaintances in the industry were to ask me about the type of trucks to be purchased, I would definitely recommend them Hohan trucks.”





德裕栈私人有限公司(Teik Joo Chan Sdn Bhd),马来西亚领先的物流解决方案供应商之一, 成立以来公司不断扩展其运输业务。自 2011 年向丰成集团购买了 2 辆浩瀚卡车后,就对其产品感到十分满意,至今公司已经拥有 40 辆浩瀚卡车。 

“我们的公司成立于 1980 年代,当时市场上的卡车种类不多,但求觉得可以行驶而且故障问题少就好。但是近年来,我们也逐步去了解各个卡车品牌和型号,发现不同的品牌的确可以提供更高效的作业。”董事经理张永顺表示。 

“我们在市场上听到许多有关浩瀚卡车的优点,而我们也开始去搜索这个卡车品牌的资料。正好丰成集团的集团董事经理拿督张海兴亲自上门拜访,在听了他满腔的热诚的卡车经验分享后,我们终于下定决心向他购买了两部浩瀚 ZZ4255 的 6x4 卡车。我们看到了拿督的诚意,还有丰成集团在这个领域的专门知识、服务范围及信誉,我们知道我们能够依靠他们。” 

“目前我们公司所购买的浩瀚卡车大多数为型号 ZZ4255 的 6x4 卡车以及 ZZ4185 的 4x2 卡车。据我们的司机表示,浩瀚卡车相当容易驾驶,攀坡的时候也显得车子的动力充沛,拥有能够与欧洲卡车媲美的性能。此外,我们也为它们坚固的车厢和良好的运行感到惊喜。即使在拖运重载时,依然可以提供强大的加速动力,而且也相当省油。” 



丰成集团提供的不仅只是产品,还有支援。除了浩瀚卡车熟悉度培训外,该公司也发现他们为司机提供的预防性保养培训很有用,可 协助司机好好地照顾和保养卡车。 














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