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Hong Seng Group Hosts Appreciation Night 2023

Hong Seng Group (HS Group) recently hosted an Appreciation Night 2023 in recognition of the unwavering support of its business partners and customers.

Hong Seng Group Reveals Business Updates and Plans

Held at Setia City Convention Centre, about 1,000 attendees comprising Wang Zhiyong, General Manager, Southeast Asia Division II, Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Limited, representatives of other Chinese brand manufacturers, insurance companies and bankers, business associates, ‘esteemed’ customers and staff were treated to a gourmet dinner accompanied by live entertainment.

Group Managing Director Dato’ Seri Teoh Hai Hin said: “Three years after the pandemic, we could finally live freely. During that time, we faced various challenges; the instability of the Malaysian political situation and overseas economy, fluctuation of the Malaysian Ringgit and exchange rate, rising shipping cost, tight supply of raw materials, the hiking of goods price, worker shortage and many more. It was not really easy to continue working hard and surviving under such difficult circumstances.” 

China was currently the second largest trading country in the world, he shared, and it was also the main trading partner of Malaysia. Products made in China penetrated all walks of life; especially Chinese trucks, construction machinery, marine engines, generator sets, spare-parts, just to name a few. All these products are economically priced, of good performance and quality, durable and beautiful in design. The future, he claimed, definitely belonged to China.

To cope with the continuous growth and demand for trucks, construction machinery, engines and generators as well as the increase in spare-parts inventory, he pointed out that the new 3S centre in Simpang Pulai, Ipoh launched last November was to enhance the company’s support and services to customers. It is located strategically along the North-South highway.  

Business updates and plans

“This year, we would set up another new 3S centre in Bukit Kemuning, Selangor and an assembly plant and 3S centre in Bintulu, Sarawak. We would continue to aggressively expand our 3S centre network. We currently own 19 3S centres and our target is 25. We hope to expand our service centres across Malaysia and our final goal is to have a service centre for every 100km so that customers could reach us easily,” he added.

With the growing market and customer needs, Teoh said the company would continue to bring in new Chinese products, including EVs and LNG trucks, expand its assembly plants, increase inventory and storage space, hire more technical personnel and expand the sales teams, optimise development of new products and new software platform, and many more. “In time, our promise of service and satisfaction to customers is the top priority.”

Hong Seng Power Sdn Bhd Managing Director Vincent Teoh said Hong Seng Power took pride in being a reliable genset, marine engine and equipment supplier. The company’s market covered Southeast Asia. Six years ago, the company was appointed sole distributor for the French brand Baudouin Engine and Weichai marine engine. Since then, he stated, Hong Seng Power had placed more than 800 Baudouin-powered gensets in the market and provided reliable power to a wide range of applications from healthcare facilities to residential condominiums. It also provided marine engines, from 50HP to 3000HP, to cater to fishing and commercial vessels from 50 to 5000 tonnes. 

Last month, he announced, the company’s PT Power gensets, powered by Baudouin Engine, reached another milestone. This was the award to supply more than 50 PT Power gensets to a data centre operated by a well-known corporate company in Malaysia.

Record sales

Meanwhile, Wang of Sinotruk proudly said: “Sinotruk is the cradle of China’s heavy-duty vehicle industry and is the number one vehicle manufacturer. In 1962, Sinotruk started manufacturing China’s first eight-tonne heavy-duty truck. In 1983, Sinotruk introduced Austrian Steyr technology.  With the full support and good acceptance by our Malaysian customers, Sinotruk achieved production and sales of 160,000 heavy-duty trucks in China last year. We exported 100,000 vehicles, which accounted for 52 per cent of Chinese brand total export volume, and were ranked the number one exporter for 17 consecutive years. Sinotruk is capable of manufacturing high-end and international standard products. We could fulfil the respective market demand to comply with all emissions and safety standards. We export to high-end markets including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, South America and many more.”

According to him, Sinotruk accumulated sales of more than 20,000 vehicles in the Malaysian market so far, accounting for a market share of above 50 per cent in the China heavy truck segment. HS Group is appointed by Sinotruk Group as the sole distributor for its Hohan brand in Malaysia.

“For the past 11 years, through the cooperation with HS Group and our joint efforts, Hohan has grown and become a well-known truck brand in Malaysia. Hong Seng Group, which is very highly reputable with strong 3S teams, has enjoyed breakthroughs in penetrating the Malaysia market to make its products the most acceptable commercial vehicles. Our trucks have progressed from a customer’s zero acceptance, doubts and non-confidence to being fully accepted with driving comfort and affordability. Last year, we declared breakthrough record sales in the construction, tractor and mining vehicle segments. The Hohan Prime Mover N7, which is equipped with MAN engines and AMT transmission, is a hot selling model in Malaysia. It has successfully won over the customers’ confidence and secured a few fleet orders from logistics operators, ” Wang added.

“In addition, Sinotruk and HS Group plan to set up a parts warehouse and technical support centre in Malaysia. This would enable us to provide timely and fast parts and technical support for our customers. The person in charge of Sinotruk Group and HS Group would stand at the front line to support spare-parts availability and solve customer problems in a timely manner, optimise product configuration and improve product quality. Customer satisfaction is our aim and future direction.” 

It was a night to remember for the attendees; Filled with interaction, fun, laughter, great food and lucky draws. 

In conjunction with the appreciation night, HS Group also put on display an array of its products, including a new Zoomlion Crawler Excavator ZE215E and new Aimix Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck.




丰成集团(HS 集团)近日举办了2023年答谢之夜,感谢其业务合作伙伴和客户的坚定支持。

该晚宴在实地城会展中心( Setia City Convention Centre )盛大举行。约有1 名与会者包括中国重汽(香港)有限公司东南亚二部总经理王志勇、各中国厂家代表、保险公司和银行家代表、商业伙伴、客户和员工,一边观赏现场娱乐表演,一边享用美食。



为了要应付卡车、工程机械、引擎、发电机,备件库存不断增长的需求,他指出,该公司在去年11月于怡保新邦波赖(Simpang Pulai)开设了一家新3S中心,以加强公司对客户的支援和服务。该中心座落在南北大道沿线的战列位置。


“今年,我们将会在雪兰莪武吉哥打甘文宁(Bukit Kemuning)设立一家3S中心,在砂劳越民都鲁成立一家组装厂和3S中心。我们将会继续积极扩展我们的3S中心网络。我们目前已拥有19家3S中心,我们的目标是25家。我们非常希望将丰成3S中心扩张到整个马来西亚,希望每100公里都有一家服务中心,方便客户联系我们。”


丰成电机有限公司董事经理张海荣表示,丰成电机以成为东南亚可靠的发电机组、船用引擎和设备供应商而自豪。六年前,该公司被委任为法国品牌博杜安引擎(Baudouin Engine)和潍柴船用引擎的独家经销商。他表示,自此丰成电机已将8多台配置博杜安引擎的发电机组投放市场,为医疗设施到住宅公寓的广泛应用提供可靠的电力。它还提供从50马力至3000马力的船用引擎,以满足50 5000吨的渔船和商船需求。

上个月,他宣布,该公司由博杜安引擎提供动力的PT Power发电机组达到了另一个里程碑。那就是它为马来西亚一家知名企业运营的数据中心,提供了50多台PT Power 发电机组。




“丰成集团与中国重汽合作已11年,在双方的共同努力下,已将豪翰品牌打造成为马来西亚知名卡车品牌。凭借强大的3S团队而享誉盛名的丰成集团,在打入大马市场方面取得了突破,使其产品成为最受消费者欢迎的商用车。 我们的卡车已经从客户的零接受、怀疑和不信任发展到驾驶舒适和负担得起的完全接受。去年,我们宣布在建筑、牵引车和矿用车辆领域的销售额突破纪录。配备曼恩引擎和AMT变速器的豪翰 N7牵引车是马来西亚的热销车型。成功赢得了客户的信任,获得了数家物流运营商的车队订单。王总补充说。






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