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Hohan ‘N’ Series Sets New Industry Benchmark with Better Quality, Value & Paragon

Hohan ‘N’ Series Benchmark Paragon

The new Hohan N Series come with improved springs, air suspension and other features to give drivers the comfort and confidence.

Hong Seng Group Brings in New Hohan N Series

The Sinotruck Hohan brand is produced by the China National Heavy-Duty Truck Group Co, Ltd (China Heavy-Duty Truck). It is the earliest company in China to develop and manufacture heavy-duty vehicles and is currently the leading enterprise in that country’s heavy-duty vehicle industry. Today, Sinotruck is China’s largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer and exporter.

Earlier this year, China Sinotruck Hohan introduced the new Hohan N7 series to the world, followed by its launch in Malaysia. Since then, the truck had received overwhelming response from customers. This is the third generation Hohan series after the 1st generation J7 series and 2nd generation G7 series. The new N series inherited many advanced features from the previous generation. It comes with improved springs, air suspension and other features to give drivers the comfort and confidence while driving the new N series. The N series comes with many different configurations to meet various tough working condition and market needs. The main models currently sold include the 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2, 8×4, among others.

Hong Seng Group, the exclusive distributor for Sinotruck Hohan in Malaysia, currently operates 17 3S centres and has a 700 dedicated workforce, 35 appointed 3S centres, 30 mobile workshops and 6 strategically located spare-parts hubs throughout Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak. Dato’ Teoh Hai Hin, Group Managing Director of Hong Seng Group of Companies, said over the years, those who bought trucks from the company were ‘extremely satisfied’ with the Hohan performance in quality, service and spare-parts availability. According to him, customers commented on the driving characteristics being comfortable, easy to reach control buttons and the truck being able to deliver power when needed most. The truck was seen as comparable to European and Japanese trucks in fuel economy, comfort, durability and power, and the undercarriage was described as extraordinarily strong to withstand different terrain and tough working conditions.

The new Hohan N series range includes three models: N7G, N6G and N5G. The product spectrum is complete with prime movers, dump trucks, mixer trucks, curtain sider trucks, general cargo trucks, special purpose vehicles and other models, including all aspects of road transportation and engineering construction sectors.

With the new MAN engine technology Model MC05, MC07, MC11 and MC13 as well as new WD615 and 616 engines with horsepower ranging from 200hp to 540hp, 8+8 chassis frame, heavy duty front and rear axles, the company said it could configure and deliver the best available Hohan truck in the Malaysia market. The new fully free floating cabin with front and rear air suspension and air suspension driver’s seat, the ride on the new Hohan would provide maximum comfort. The cab is designed with safety and security features in mind. Sinotruck vehicles have very strong interchangeability and versatility, including main assembly components such as engine and axles, to enhance truck stability and reliability. Today, China National Heavy-Duty Truck manufactures more than 80 per cent of the key components in house and this greatly reduces the difficulty in sourcing and stocking of genuine Hohan spare-parts.

Hohan Truck’s Brand New Cab Design

The N series cab is fully integrated, designed and developed by a well-known Italian company. It looks attractive and the wind resistance is one of the lowest in the industry. Features include a longer cabin, with increased length of 900mm sleeper bed, new complementary cab suspension, air-suspension cushioning seat, integrated three-point seatbelt and backrest hardness adjustment. Other convenience features are central control door lock, electric control headlights, electric defrost function rearview mirror, 220V power supply, ‘parking’ air conditioner that runs on the truck battery when the engine is switched off during rest stops and other standard configuration to meet different environmental needs.

In Malaysia, Hong Seng Group said that with the strong support from its China principal, management, sales team, service team and spare-parts team, it foresaw the new Hohan trucks receiving an unprecedented vote of confidence and acceptance from customers.

The Group also expressed its gratitude to all its Hohan customers for their valuable support over the years.

浩瀚 N 系列产品以更好的品质、价值及典范


Sinotruck 浩瀚(Hohan)品牌是由中国重型汽车集团有限公司(简称中国重汽)生产的。 它是中国最早开发和生产重型车辆的公司,目前是中国重型车辆行业的领先企业。 今天,中国重汽已成为中国最大的重型卡车制造商和出口商。

今年早些时候,中国重汽浩瀚公司在马来西亚推出了新的浩瀚 N7 系列,并取得客户的热烈响应。这是继第一代 J7 系列和第二代 G7 系列之后的第三代浩瀚系列产品。 新的 N 系列继承了上一代规范的许多高级功能。 它带有改进的弹簧,空气悬架和其他功能,在驾驶新 N 系列时给驾驶员带来舒适感和信心。 N 系列具有许多不同的配置,可以满足各种艰苦的工作条件和市场需求。 当前销售的主要车型包括 4×2、6×2、6×4、8×2、8×4 等。

丰成集团(HSG)是马来西亚 Sinotruck 浩瀚在马来西亚的独家分销商,目前在整个马来西亚(包括沙巴和砂拉越)运营着 17 个 3S 中心,700 名精干的员工,35 个指定的 3S 中心,30 个流动车间和 6 个战略性的备件中心。“多年来,我们的用户对浩瀚卡车在质量、服务和备件供应方面的表现感到非常满意。” 丰成集团的集团董事经理拿督张海兴说。 据他表示,客户评论说浩瀚卡车相当舒适、控制按钮易于触及,而且能够在最需要时提供动力。 它们在省油、舒适性、耐用、动力方面,可与欧洲和日本的卡车媲美,并拥有强大的底盘,能够承受不同的地形和恶劣的工作环境。

全新的浩瀚 N 系列产品包含 N7G、N6G、N5G 三个车型,产品型谱齐全,分别涵盖牵引车、载货车、自卸车、搅拌车、专用车等细分车型,全方位覆盖公路运输、工程建设、港口运输等各个领域。

全新匹配采用曼引擎技术的 MC05、MC07、MC11、MC13 以及新的WD615和616 引擎,马力输出范围从 200 匹到 540 匹,加上 8+8 底盘架构、重型前后桥,该公司表示能够进行配置,为马来西亚市场上提供最好的浩瀚卡车。全新的全自由浮动驾驶室,在驾驶员座椅上具有前后空气悬架和空气悬架,为驾驶员提供最大的乘驾舒适性。此外,驾驶室在设计时还考虑了安全性。 Sinotruck 具有非常强的互换性和通用性,包括主要组件,例如引擎和车轴,以增强卡车的稳定性和可靠性。如今,中国重汽在内部制造了80%以上的关键零部件,这大大减低了服务配件的储备难度。


N系列产品驾驶室全面升级,由意大利著名设计公司研发设计,美感十足,风阻国内最低。加长驾驶室,空间更大,卧铺最宽达到 900mm;全新匹配驾驶室悬置,采用悬浮式气囊减震座椅,三点式安全带,具备角度调节、快降功能、靠背硬度调节等功能,具有极高的安全性、可靠性和舒适性。其他的便利配备有中控门锁、电调大灯及电动带除霜功能后视镜。另外,还有220V电源供驻车空调配备,在停车期间关闭引擎时,电池将供电给“停车”空调,以及可满足不同环境使用需求的其他标准配置。

在马来西亚市场,丰成集团表示, 在中国供应商、管理及销售团队、服务团队与备件团队的大力支持下,他们预计此新型浩瀚卡车将获得客户前所未有的信心和认可。


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