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Factory-Fitted Long Wheelbase Isuzu Elf Trucks All Geared-up to Deliver Extended Productivity

Isuzu Elf Trucks Productivity

Isuzu Malaysia‘s customers OneF Express and Igloo Ice have both advanced from using long wheelbase trucks to better managed the increased volume of their deliveries.

Isuzu Long Wheelbase Trucks Offer More Productivity and Efficiency

To further support the growth of business be it for companies that offer transportation and logistics services to others or for companies that are managing the delivery of their own products, changing or upgrading their vehicles to achieve more productivity and efficiency is often the logical step forward.

Two such customers of Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Alor Setar-based OneF Express Sdn Bhd, which is a logistics service provider and Bukit Mertajam-based Igloo Ice Sdn Bhd, which is an ice cube manufacturer and distributor, have both advanced from using the standard Isuzu short wheelbase (SWB) trucks to Isuzu long wheelbase (LWB) trucks to better manage the increased volume of their deliveries.

The wheelbase of a vehicle is described as being the distance between the centre lines of the front and rear axles. The term ‘long wheelbase’ refers to a wheelbase that is longer than the vehicle’s standard wheelbase option, which means there is more space to build a larger or longer body for greater hauling volume.

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五十铃马来西亚私人有限公司就拥有这样的两家客户,他们分别是亚罗士打的物流服务提供商OneF Express私人有限公司和大山脚的冰块制造商和分销商Igloo Ice私人有限公司。他们都从过去的五十铃标准短轴距 (SWB)卡车,改为目前的五十铃长轴距 (LWB) 卡车,以便能够更好地管理增加的交付量。



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