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JAC Brand Relaunched with 3 New Models

Mpire JAC Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Mpire Auto, the distributor of JAC light commercial vehicles in Malaysia relaunched the JAC brand recently.

Mpire JAC Brings JAC Brand to Malaysian Market Again

Mpire JAC Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Mpire Auto, the new sole distributor of JAC light commercial vehicles in Malaysia, brought the brand to the market again with the reintroduction of 3 new models – JAC X30, N45 and N75.

The JAC X30 with a gross weight of 2,835kg is equipped with the 4DA1 diesel engine that produces 108hp and 240Nm of torque. A technological advancement is the Load- Sensing Proportional Valve system device that provides customers with superior quality braking system, which could be adjusted accordingly. The X30 is also said to lead its segment class with a 65-litre large-capacity fuel tank that is estimated to cover a mileage of almost 750km.

The new N45, which has a gross weight of 4,800kg, is powered by a 2.8-litre Euro III diesel engine with 240Nm at 1,800-2,000rpm.

Meanwhile, the N75 is the company’s current flagship truck that is powered by a 3.8-litre Cummins Euro III diesel engine with 450Nm at 1,200rpm. With a 7,500kg gross weight, this new vehicle is equipped with the latest Anti-Lock Braking System and Dual Circuit Air Brake system for better safety during emergency braking. The technologies applied on the JAC N Series vehicles are said to provide an economical and reliable drive with great performance and comfort.

The JAC X30, N45 and N75 are reasonably priced at RM63,888, RM78,888 and RM97,488 respectively.

“I am proud and honoured to witness, support and be a part of this international prestigious collaboration between Malaysia and China. It is good for JAC to be represented in Malaysia as the company could bring in world-class vehicles that would help the development of the Malaysian economy. Collaborations like this are vital for Malaysia as it strengthens our ties with China and provides knowledge transfer and technology enhancement,” said Dr Ong Kian Ming, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, who officiated at the event.

Looking forward to support Malaysia’s new phase of Industry 4.0 and demand for efficient transportation, transport operators are faced with rising diesel prices putting pressure on profitability.

JAC X30, N45 and N75 are our answer to this challenge. It is a complete solution that combines our latest technology to substantially bring down fuel consumption in long-haul operations with stylish appearance and without compromising driveability,” said Lau Yit Mun, Group CEO of Mpire JAC.

To cater for better customer services, Mpire JAC invested millions in a state-of-the-art 3S centre that is conveniently located along Jalan 51/255A, Zon Perindustrian PJCT, Section 51A, Petaling Jaya. It is hailed as the one and only million-ringgit showroom in the light truck industry.

Currently, the company is offering a trade-in programme that subsidises RM3,000 for any vehicles being traded in while buying a brand-new JAC (with terms and condition applied). On top of that, the package comes with a free 2 years’ service (6 times) and 5 years’ or 150,000km warranty.

The company also announced that it was appointing 15 authorised service dealers nationwide to provide efficient after-sales service to all JAC customers.

Mpire JAC is in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Colombia, and JAC light truck is ranked as the number 1 in the light truck industry with at least 50 per cent market share in the respective country in 2018. JAC light truck also achieved excellent performance in the highly populated regions of the Philippines and Brazil where the brand upheld its 2nd ranking in market share and value among all the Chinese light truck brands during the same year.


JAC 品牌重新发布并推出新车型


Mpire Auto子公司Mpire JAC私人有限公司,JAC轻型商用车在马来西亚的新独家经销商,再次将该品牌带入市场,并发布3种新车型 –JAC X30、N45 及N75。

JAC X30的总重量为2,835 公斤,搭载4DA1柴油引擎,能产生108hp和240Nm扭力。X30 的尖端技术是备有负载感应比例阀系统装置,为客户提供可按负债重量相应调整的卓越刹车系统。据悉,该车型还拥有65公斤大容量油缸,估计可行驶大约750公里。

N45 的总重量为4,800 公斤,配备2.8升欧3 柴油引擎,可通过每分钟1,800至2,000 rpm产生240Nm扭力。

与此同时,N75 是该公司的旗舰卡车,搭载3.8升康明斯欧3柴油引擎,可通过每分钟1,200 rpm产生240Nm扭力。它的总重量为7,500公斤,配备最新的防锁死制动系统和双电路空气制动系统,在紧急刹车时提供更好的制动。据悉,JAC N系列车辆的技术,提供节能、可靠、一流性能和舒适性的驾驶。

JAC X30 、N45 及N75的售价分别为63,888令吉、78,888令吉及97,488令吉。

“我为能够见证和支持这项中马两国的国际性合作而自豪。JAC品牌能够重新在马来西亚发布,并由Mpire JAC经销是个重大的好消息,因为该公司能够引进有助于马来西亚经济发展的世界级卡车。类似的合作模式对马来西亚非常重要,因为它巩固我国与中国的关系,促进知识转移和强化科技。”国际贸易及工业副部长王建民博士表示。

马来西亚的运输业者都期盼支持我国工业化 4.0的新阶段,并要求高效的运输,运输业者都面对着柴油价格高涨和利润压力的问题。

“JAC X30、N45及N75都是为了迎合这项挑战而推出的。它是一个完整的解决方案,结合了我们的最新技术,可大幅度降低长途营运的油耗,而且备有时髦外型和毫不逊色的驾驶性能。”Mpire JAC集团首席执行长Lau Yit Mun表示。

为了提供更好的客户服务,Mpire JAC投资了数百万令吉,在八打灵再也51/255A, Zon Perindustrian  PJCT, Section 51A设立了尖端的3S中心。它是轻型卡车工业唯一耗资百万令吉的陈列室。



JAC轻型卡车在斯里兰卡、孟加拉和哥伦比亚的轻卡行业中排名第一。它在这些国家的2018年市占额超过50%。 此外,JAC轻卡在人口稠密的地区如菲律宾和巴西的市场也取得卓越的表现。综观中国的所有轻卡品牌,JAC轻卡在市场份额和价值方面,也成功保住第二名。









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