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Mpire Auto Group Chooses Shell Rimula Engine Oil for Commercial Vehicle Brands

Mpire Group has chosen Shell Rimula R5 LE synthetic engine oil for its Foton Daimler prime-movers and Shell Rimula R4 X for its JAC range of light trucks.

Shell Rimula Engine Oils as Official Service-fill Engine Oils for Foton & JAC  

Mpire Auto Group, one of the fastest growing automotive groups in Malaysia, has chosen the Shell Rimula range of heavy-duty diesel engine oils as the official service-fill engine oil for its two commercial vehicle brands, Foton and JAC

Mpire is the distributor for Foton View C2 and CS2 vans as well as the Foton Daimler heavy-duty trucks that are equipped with advanced Cummins engines. It is also the exclusive distributor for JAC light trucks, which are powered by Isuzu engines, in Malaysia. 

Shell Rimula R5 LE synthetic technology engine oil is seen as well suited for the high oil drain interval and heavy-duty diesel engine found in Foton Daimler prime-moversShell Rimula R4 X meets the demand for engine protection from the JAC range of light trucks that are often used as daily workhorses. 

Mpire Auto Group Chief Executive Officer Lau Yit Mun said the combination of a strong reputation and track record in lubricants, reliable products that were compatible with Foton’s and JAC’s advanced diesel engines and excellent technical support led to the decision to choose Shell Rimula as the service-fill engine oil and Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd as the official lubricants supplier. 

“Today’s customers demand reliability and performance from engine oils and Shell is able to fulfil them,” he said. 

Shell Lubricants Marketing Manager – Malaysia & Singapore May Tan said as the top lubricants supplier in the world for the past 12 consecutive years, Shell understood the need to achieve lower total cost of ownership in today’s challenging business environment. 

Shell Rimula lubricants, especially our premium range, are designed to offer superior engine protection and cleanliness, longer oil drain intervals and better fuel economy while being able to withstand extreme temperatures and loads in tough operating environments,” she added. 

Shell Malaysia says it is delighted to have Mpire Auto Group on board and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration ahead.


Mpire 汽车集团为商用车品牌选择蚬壳Rimula 引擎机油 


大马增长最快速的汽车集团之一Mpire汽车集团(Mpire Auto Group),决定为旗下两款商用汽车品牌—福田(Foton)和JAC选用蚬壳Rimula重型柴油引擎机油系列为官方维修用引擎机油。 

Mpire是福田 View C2和CS2厢型车,以及配备先进康明斯引擎的福田戴姆勒(Foton Daimler)重型卡车经销商。它也是配备五十铃引擎的JAC轻型卡车的马来西亚独家经销商。 

蚬壳 Rimula R5 LE合成技术引擎机油,非常适合福田戴姆勒重型拖车的高换油周期和重型柴油引擎。蚬壳 Rimula R4 X则能满足日常苦活能手JAC系列轻型卡车的引擎防护需求。 




她补充:“蚬壳 Rimula润滑油,特别是我们优质系列产品的配方主要是为了提供优异的引擎防护、效能与清洁度丶更长的换油周期以及更佳的燃油经济效应,同时能在艰巨的作业环境下承受极端温度和承载量的挑战。” 






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