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Error-Code Troubleshooting with Jaltest

Error-Code Troubleshooting Jaltest

The Jaltest multi-brand diagnostic tool backs the workshop up with a vast encyclopaedia of technical information that they need to solve the problem.

HLT International Introduces Jaltest Multi-brand Diagnostic Tool

One of the more frequent failures in Cummins ISX engines fitted with exhaust aftertreatment systems is the error code 1922 – Excessive differential pressure in the diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Owing to an excessive amount of soot in the DPF, the engine control unit (ECU) disables the possibility of launching a regeneration – either manual or forced – via a diagnostic tool.

This is a situation where a diagnostic tool that is more than a mere error-code reader comes into its own because it allows technicians to solve these kinds of cases in a quick and precise way.

The Jaltest multi-brand diagnostic tool falls into this category, according to its Singapore based distributor HLT International, as it backs the workshop up with a vast encyclopaedia of technical information, giving technicians the information they need at the right time to solve the problem.

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Jaltest 错误代码故障排除

配备排气后处理系统的康明斯ISX引擎的最常见故障之一,就是错误代码1922 –柴油微粒过滤器(DPF)的压差过大。





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