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Hock Lee Industries Partner with BL Auto Car Care & Tyres Malaysia

Hock Lee Industries BL Auto Car Care & Tyres

Hock Lee Industries has recently formed a strategic partnership with BL Auto Car Care & Tyre Malaysia in Malaysia. 

BL Auto Car Care & Tyres Malaysia Serves as Hock Lee’s Training Base

Hock Lee Industries Sdn Bhd, part of the Singapore based HLT International Pte Ltd (formally known as Hock Lee), has been in the tyre servicing industry since 2005 when the company started. The company has recently formed a strategic partnership with BL Auto Car Care & Tyres (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd to extend its business operations in Malaysia.

Behind Kepong based BL Auto Car Care & Tyre (Malaysia) is operated by a husband-and-wife team, Tan Kheng Boon and Emilyn Loke. Tan runs the automotive servicing business while Emilyn looks after the automotive and tyre servicing equipment business.

BL Auto Car Care & Tyres Malaysia – Hock Lee’s ‘Live’ Showroom

“We are using all Hock Lee products, from tools, scanners, trolley jacks, tyre servicing equipment such as tyre changers and wheel aligners, four posts car lifts to tyre repair materials, and so on. Therefore, our servicing centre is like a ‘live’ showroom of their products. We can use these tools to demonstrate how we put Hock Lee’s products into use in our daily operations for potential customers. In addition, our service centre can also serve as a training base to teach customers how to use and maintain the products that they have purchased,” said Emilyn.

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福利工业私人有限公司隶属于新加坡HLT国际私人有限公司(前身为福利),自 2005 年成立以来一直从事轮胎维修行业。最近,该公司与BL汽车养护及轮胎(马来西亚)私人有限公司合作,扩展其在马来西亚的业务。

位于甲洞的BL汽车养护及轮胎(马来西亚)公司背后的是一对合作无间的“夫妻档”—陈庆文和陆姵伶。 陈庆文负责维修汽车,而陆姵伶则负责汽车和轮胎维修设备的营销业务。

大马BL汽车养护及轮胎公司 – 福利“活生生”的陈列室



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