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Donaldson: Clean Fuel Equals Big Savings in Belgium

Donaldson Clean Fuel Belgium

NinaTrans install the complete Donaldson bulk fuel filtration system to ensure that only clean, dry diesel is pumped into their fleet.

NinaTrans Invests in Donaldson Cutting-Edge Bulk Fuel Filtration System

On-time delivery is the most important service a transportation company can provide. Well-maintained, reliable equipment is key to meeting this challenge. NinaTrans, one of Belgium’s most progressive transportation companies, has provided superior service throughout Europe for more than 40 years.

With the advent of high-pressure common rail Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines, it is harder than ever to keep equipment running. Yet, to ensure the exceptional level of performance their customers have come to expect, NinaTrans wants to do everything they can to eliminate delays due to mechanical failure and at the same time be environmentally conscious. They are committed to fleet modernisation and other eco-friendly practices such as eco-driving training and analyses, wind deflectors, proactive service monitoring and cleaner diesel fuel. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions by 20 per cent over the next five years.

NinaTrans and Donaldson share a common vision when it comes to maximising equipment uptime while reducing environmental impact. Therefore, it is natural that NinaTrans would invest in cutting-edge bulk fuel filtration as part of their rigorous fleet maintenance programme….

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准时交货是运输公司可以提供的最重要服务,而维护良好、可靠的设备是应对这一挑战的关键。 NinaTrans 是比利时最先进的运输公司之一,40 多年来一直在欧洲提供卓越的运输服务。

随着高压共轨欧 5 和欧 6 引擎的出现,保持设备运行比以往任何时候都更加困难。然而,为了确保客户期望的卓越性能水平,NinaTrans 希望在尽其所能消除由于机械故障造成运输延误的同时,也能兼顾环保。他们致力于车队的现代化和其他的环保实践,例如生态驾驶培训和分析、挡风板、主动服务监控和更清洁的柴油燃料。他们的最终目标是在未来 5 年内将公司的二氧化碳排放量减少20%。

NinaTrans 和唐纳森(Donaldson)在最大限度地延长设备正常运行时间的同时,减少对环境的影响方面有着共同的愿景。因此,NinaTrans 很自然地投资于尖端的散装燃料过滤系统,作为其严格的车队维护计划的一部分…..


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