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Donaldson Explains Difference Between Full-Flow and By-Pass

The difference among the various types of lube oil filters available today could be confusing.

Donaldson Synteq Provides Finer Filteration 

Donaldson, the filtration experts, states that there are conflicting views in the industry as to which is the best type to use. The three most common lube filter designs are full-flow, by-pass and combination.

Full-flow filters, according to the company, are the most common type, receiving and cleaning all the oil before it’s pumped through the engine. Providing essential engine protection, full-flow filters must capture and retain damaging contaminants and have adequate dirt holding capacity to achieve the required service intervals. Synthetic media such as Donaldson Synteq provides finer filtration, low initial pressure loss and increased dirt holding capacity over traditional cellulose filter media. Full-flow filters might also incorporate a by-pass valve.  

Meanwhile, Donaldson says, the by-pass filters do not supply the engine with clean oil directly but sit off to the side as a separate circuit or as a kidney loop unit generally accepting only a very small portion of the total oil flow. A by-pass filter has the added advantage of increasing the oil capacity of the engine and incorporates highly efficient media to polish the oil before it returns directly to the sump. This process improves oil cleanliness without compromising the oil flow through the engine…….

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当今市面上各种润滑油滤芯之间的区别可能混淆不清。 至于哪一种是最适用的类型,过滤专家唐纳森表示业内观点不一。 最常见的三种润滑油滤芯设计是全流、旁通与组合。

据该公司表示,全流滤芯是最常见的类型,先处理和清洁所有机油,再用泵送入引擎。 全流滤芯提供基本的引擎保护,必须捕获和吸附污染物并有足够强的纳污能力,才能满足保养周期要求。 与传统纤维素滤材相比,唐纳森 Synteq 等合成滤材拥有更精细的过滤、更小的初始压力损失和更强的纳污能力。 全流滤芯还能集成旁通阀。  

唐纳森说,旁通滤芯并不直接为引擎供应洁净机油,而是作为单独的旁路或肾循环装置,通常只处理总油流的很小一部分。 旁通滤芯还有提高引擎的机油容量这一额外优势,在机油直接流回油底壳之前,使用高效滤材对机油精过滤。 此过程可提高机油清洁度,而不影响流过引擎的油流……


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