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Donaldson Provides Quick Facts About Fuel Quality and Filtration

Donaldson Facts Quality Filtration

Today’s diesel equipment requires higher fuel cleanliness to meet the demands of precision-designed fuel system pumps and injectors.

The Importance of Fuel Filtration

However, keeping diesel clean is more complex because of higher concentrations of water emulsions in fuel and organic contaminants that could foul the system.

Fortunately, Donaldson says, advancements in fuel filtration help to meet growing fuel cleanliness requirements of modern diesel engines for increased performance. Here are the five quick facts about fuel quality and today’s technology that the company has listed:

1 Smallest Contaminants Could Be Crippling

The high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems used in low-emission diesel engines are much more susceptible to damage from contaminants 20 times smaller than the diameter of human hair. For OEMs, this means more stringent requirements for fuel filtration. Today, the industry is measuring high-efficiency closer to 99.9 per cent for particles in the four-micron range. A fraction of a percentage point could make the difference on whether a filtration system could achieve the fuel cleanliness requirements for the HPCR components…..

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用于低排放柴油引擎的高压共轨 (HPCR) 燃料系统,更容易受到比人类头发直径小20 倍的污染物的损害。对原装配备制造商而言,这意味着对燃油过滤的要求将更加严格。今天,该行业测量4微米范围内颗粒的效率接近99.9%。一个百分点的一小部分足于决定过滤系统是否能够达到HPCR组件的燃料清洁度要求…..


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