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Daihatsu Malaysia Increases Warranty to Five Years/150,000km for Gran Max 2023

Daihatsu Malaysia Gran Max

Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (DMSB) recently announced an extended warranty of five years or 150,000km, with terms and conditions applied.

New Extended Warranty Applicable for All New Gran Max of Year Model 2023

The warranty is applicable for all new Gran Max of the year model 2023 without any additional charges, taking effect from 1st June, 2023, distributed by DMSB and its authorised dealers.

Managing Director Arman Mahadi said the new five years/150,000km warranty offered throughout the entire period of coverage was identical to the existing three years/100,000km warranty.

“This warranty should be fulfilled by DMSB and its authorised dealers in repairs or parts replacement at service centres free of charge, including related labour and defective part or parts attributable to the Daihatsu Gran Max.  To keep this warranty in effect, owners must adhere to the scheduled service intervals that must be done at authorised Daihatsu Malaysia service centres as prescribed in the Daihatsu owner’s service book.”

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大马大发将Gran Max 2023保修期提高至5 年/150,000 公里

大发(马来西亚)私人有限公司(DMSB)宣布将保修期提高至5年/150,000公里,视何者为先,并需符合保修条款中规定的适用条款和条件。该保修适用于2023年所有新款Gran Max车型,无需任何额外费用,自2023年6 月1日起生效,由DMSB及其授权代理商分销。

董事经理阿曼(Arman Mahadi)表示,在此新的5年/15万公里整个保修期内所提供的保修,与现有的3年/10万公里的保修覆盖相同。

“此保修由DMSB及其授权代理商在服务中心免费维修或更换零件,包括相关人工和有缺陷的零件或源自于大发 Gran Max 的零件。为了保持此保修的有效性,车主必须遵守大发车主服务手册中规定的预定维修周期。这些维修必须在马来西亚大发授权的服务中心进行……”


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