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Boost Fleet Productivity and Overall Performance with iFleet

Boost Fleet Productivity with iFleet

Launched in June 2017, iFleet is a B2B fleet management solution targeted at SMEs and managed by Digi-X.

iFleet Improves Efficiency and Optimise Fleet’s Profitability

The economic slowdown and intensity of the current competition in the marketplace have a direct impact on any business that owns or leases vehicles. To get the best out of the fleet investment, one would need some form of fleet management.

“We understand the constant pressure faced by the commercial fleet industry to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), minimise operating expenses, enforce driver safety and increase productivity and overall performance. With our intelligent GPS tracking and fleet management system called iFleet, fleet owners could confront the numerous business challenge that they face,” said Ng Kee Yeow of iFleet.

Launched in June 2017, iFleet is a B2B fleet management solution targeted at SMEs and managed by Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd’s venture building arm, Digi-X. Ng pointed out that the company was one of the first provider in Malaysia to enter the market with an end-to-end fleet management solution that took care of hardware, software, connectivity at one go.

With the GPS Tracker, he said, iFleet’s subscribers could reduce their costs, improve efficiency and optimise fleet’s profitability. It could keep track of the movement and determine the location of their fleet and monitor individual driving habits to ultimately improve fleet safety. “Stay on top of fuel management and vehicle maintenance to ensure smooth fleet operation, streamlined reporting and improved routing. In addition, with iFleet you could provide a more effective and efficient service to all clients regardless of the nature of their business.

“An easy-to-use app would keep you updated on every single detail regarding your fleet. All you need is your data-enabled smartphone. In the event of a vehicle being stolen, a reliable 24/7 Vehicle Recovery Service is available. iFleet would partner with MERS 999 (Malaysia Emergency Response Services 999) to recover your stolen vehicle,” he added.

Although iFleet had its standard features, Ng said the company could customise features to complement the customers’ requirements.

“It is an all-in-one fleet management system. Backed by Digi, we work closely with our partner – CSE Group, a local major telematics player – to handle everything from installation, system integration, fleet monitoring automation to a life-time warranty and after-sales support so that fleet owners could concentrate on their business. On-board training and a comprehensive user guide are also available.”

iFleet vs the Rest

Compared to the other fleet management systems in the market, he said with the affordable monthly fee and no other hidden costs, one could start subscribing to the system. Installation is easy and iFleet is inclusive of support and maintenance. Throughout the warranty period, all damages are covered with one-to-one replacement nationwide.

In the case of accidents, he continued, iFleet geo-mapping that used up to 19 satellites could reconstruct accident accurately and provide a full reconstruction report.

“iFleet is powered by Digi’s widest data network, which provides best-in-class connectivity as well as low-cost data roaming options.”

Satisfied customers such as Easy Rides and Logistics Worldwide Express (LWE) had signed up for iFleet due to its functional features. “Easy Rides is a Malaysian start-up that rents vehicles to ride-sharing drivers. Since the company started using iFleet, it has a complete real-time visibility of each car, knowing exactly what each car has done, where it has been and its utilisation. It could generate an enormous amount of information such as fuel consumption, distance logged, speed tracking and much more. iFleet also helps them stay on top of the vehicle maintenance schedule.”

As for LWE, he pointed out that iFleet’s advanced GPS tracking services allowed better visibility on delivery drivers’ performance in a non-invasive manner. “Good data leads to good practices. Deliveries are better mapped out with iFleet and shorter delivery time means more fuel saved and higher customer satisfaction. Drivers behave better on the road as they are being observed and their conscientious driving lessens the wear and tear of the vehicles, which helps in reducing vehicle maintenance cost.”

Apart from GPS Tracker, the company also provides iFleet Wi-Fi Onboard, a built-in Wi-Fi device that turns the commercial vehicle, such as a coach, into a hotspot that supports up to 55 devices – even on the move.



“我们了解商用车行业不断面对的压力,他们总在寻求方法降低总体拥有成本(TCO)、将营运支出最小化、加强司机安全性和提高生存力和整体表现。  有了我们称为iFleet的智能全球定位系统(GPS)追踪和车队管理系统,车队业主就能对抗各种商业挑战。”iFleet的黄基耀表示。

2017年6月间发布的iFleet是个B2B车队管理解决方案,主要的对象是中小型企业。该系统是由Digi Telecommunications私人有限公司公司的Digi- X负责管理。他指出,该公司是大马最早供应端到端的车队管理解决方案 的供应商之一,提供一条龙的服务,从硬体、软件到连接。


“一个容易使用的应用程序,能让你及时掌握车队的所有细节。你只需要一台能够启用移动数据的智能电话。如果车辆失窃,还能取得可靠的24/7车辆寻回服务。iFleet将与MERS 999(马来西亚紧急回应服务专线999)一起合作寻回你的车子。”他补充说。



iFleet VS其他系统


万一发生车祸,他接着说,iFleet 的geo-mapping 能够使用19个卫星准确地重建交通事故,提供完整的事故重建报告。


满意的客户如Easy Rides和Logistics Worldwide Express(LWE)因为iFleet的多功能性而成为该系统的用户。“Easy Rides是大马一家刚起步的公司,主要业务是将车子出租给共乘司机。 自该公司开始使用iFleet以来,它就能实时监督每辆车,知道每一辆车子在哪和在做什么,以及使用情况。它还能收取大量信息如油耗量、车程记录及速度跟踪等。iFleet也可协助他们掌握维修时间表。”


除了GPS 追踪器,该公司也提供iFleet Wi-Fi Onboard, 一个内置的Wi-Fi, 可以将商用车辆,如将一辆客车变成一个能够支持55个装置的热点,即使在行驶中。


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