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Digi Launches Wi-Fi Connectivity for Buses, Vans and Other Land Transport Vehicles with iFleet Wi-Fi

Digi Wi-Fi Transport Vehicles

iFleet Wi-Fi is Digi’s first subscription-based, transport connectivity solution that aims to improve the on-board passenger experience.

Digi iFleet Wi-Fi for Land Transport Operators

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) has launched a Wi-Fi solution to enable bus and train companies as well as other land transport operators to offer seamless connectivity to their passengers as they commute and travel. iFleet Wi-Fi is Digi’s first subscription-based, transport connectivity solution that aims to improve the on-board passenger experience by turning travel time to a productive one.

The new service was piloted with several customers and most recently in Sarawak with Bus Kuching, an electric bus service in the state, and was well received as it provided passengers with fast and seamless connectivity as they made their daily commutes.

Digi’s Chief Digital Officer Praveen Rajan said that as public Wi-Fi availability grew, passengers increasingly expected to be in constant communication with their work or social network, wherever they were.

“Based on a survey done by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in 2018, 68.1 per cent of Malaysians use the Internet when they are on the go. As such, the opportunity to increase productivity while travelling is making public and commercial transport usage more attractive and the industry has reached the point where Wi-Fi in transit is now deemed to be an essential offering for land transport operators.”

With iFleet Wi-Fi, land transport operators could reduce their costs by benefitting from minimal upfront investment – the simple subscription service provides a much lower cost for the Wi-Fi service that is typically very expensive for commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicle and land transport operating companies could also choose to customise their brand message on the Wi-Fi landing page to further personalise the service to their passengers. This also allows the operators to carry ads on their landing page to further monetise the service.

Given the increasing use of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, Wi-Fi could be effective in gathering passenger data and insights in which land transport operators could leverage to improve their services.

“With iFleet Wi-Fi, land transport operators get the best of both worlds – not only do they get to provide their passengers with quality service, they also get to save on their operating cost. Passenger data and insights are also helpful in meeting passengers’ expectations accordingly – ultimately we want to provide a service that is of value to our customers and would help their businesses grow,” explained Praveen.

iFleet Wi-Fi provides stable and fast connectivity via Digi’s 4G-LTE network. The service supports multiple concurrent users and cross-border connectivity in Singapore and Thailand.

Digi为巴士丶小货车及其它陆路交通工具推出iFleet Wi-Fi 连线


Digi Telecommunications 有限公司推出了让巴士丶火车以及其它陆路交通运输业者为通勤和旅行乘客提供无缝连线的Wi-Fi解决方案。iFleet Wi-Fi是Digi第一个签用式交通运输连线解决方案,旨在透过将旅行时间转换成生产力时间,以改善乘客体验。

该全新服务曾让数名客户先导试用,而砂拉越电动巴士服务公司古晋巴士(Bus Kuching)日前也试用了该解决方案且大受欢迎,因为它提供每天通勤的乘客快速与无缝连线。

Digi总数码长普利文(Praveen Rajan)指出,随着公共Wi-Fi连线愈来愈流行,乘客也愈来愈希望不管人在何处都能与工作或社交网络维持连系。


陆路交通运输业者可以用iFleet Wi-Fi来降低成本,也就是透过最小的前期投资—-价格较低的简单签用服务,获得商用车过去使用起来非常昂贵的Wi-Fi服务。商用车和陆路交通运输公司也可以在Wi-Fi登陆页上客制化自己的品牌讯息,进而为乘客提供更个人化的服务。这也让业者得以在登陆页上打广告以进一步用该服务赚钱。 在智能手机和平板电脑等支持Wi-Fi的移动装置使用率愈来愈高下,Wi-Fi可以用来很有效地收集乘客资料和深入解析,而陆路交通运输业者则可以充分应用它来改善服务品质。

普利文解释:“有了iFleet Wi-Fi,陆路交通运输业者就能两全其美,他们不只能为乘客提供高品质服务,还能省下营运成本。乘客资料和深入解析也能相应地满足乘客期望,最终我们要提供一种为客户创造价值以及协助他们带动业务增长的服务。”

iFleet Wi-Fi透过Digi的4G-LTE网络提供稳定又快速的连线。该服务支援多方同步连线以及新加坡和泰国的跨国连线。

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