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Digi and Bus Asia Drive Smart Transportation in Sarawak

BA has deployed Digi’s iFleet Wi-Fi and GPS solutions across 26 buses recently.

BA Deploys Digi’s iFleet Wi-Fi and GPS Solutions  

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) announced its partnership with Bus Asia (BA) at the International Digital Economy Conference Sarawak 2019 (IDECS 2019), in line with Sarawak’s goal of improving mobility and user experience in the transport service. 

The partnership comes at a time when the state government announces plans for a future smart city in Sarawak. One of its strategies includes the establishment of more comfortable and safer mobility solutions for commuters using smart technologies. This includes the integration of intelligent route selection, digital asset management and smart buses into the transportation system in Sarawak. 

As Digi’s iFleet could provide real-time information and alerts on fleet movement, it would enable total fleet visibility, translating to better route planning and improved customer experience. The fleet management system also monitors driving behaviour, ensuring the safety of passengers on board. 

Digi’s iFleet Wi-Fi leverages on technology to boost service quality as well as increases the accessibility and availability of information for commuters and is powered by Digi’s consistent high-speed connection. Digi’s network footprint in Sarawak encompasses 77-per cent coverage for 4G LTE and 54-per cent coverage for LTE-A. 

With this in mind, BA has deployed Digi’s iFleet Wi-Fi and GPS solutions across 26 buses. BA aims to equip all of its buses with free Wi-Fi to allow customers to be constantly connected during their journey. 

BA, an express bus brand operating under Biaramas Express Sdn Bhd, serves up to 45,000 passengers over 780 trips monthly with routes across two cities, Kuching and Miri; five towns, Sri Aman, Sarikei, Sibu, Mukah and Bintulu; as well as one cross-country route to Pontianak in Indonesia.

Biaramas Express Sdn Bhd’s Director Lai Sin Kiong said: “We are excited to take the lead in the smart transportation segment by partnering with Digi’s iFleet. As the safety and comfort of our passengers is our top priority, we are always on the lookout for smart solutions that would give our customers peace of mind throughout their journey. We look forward to our journey in digital transformation with iFleet.” 

Digi’s Chief Digital Officer Praveen Rajan said: “As the nation’s largest network provider, this partnership further solidifies our commitment towards enabling a digital transformation for businesses with our comprehensive digital solutions. We believe strategic collaborations such as this would improve the performance for transportation companies such as Bus Asia to provide safer commutes and connectivity for their passengers as they travel throughout the state.” 

The first 10,000 Digi subscribers who redeem a BA reward code on the MyDigi app are entitled to a RM10 discount on all BA routes.

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配合砂拉越改善运输服务移动性和使用者体验的目标,Digi Telecommunications 私人有限公司(Digi)在2019年砂拉越国际数码经济会议(IDECS 2019)上宣布与东马快车(Bus Asia,简称BA)合作。 



Digi高速连线的 Wi-Fi,采用科技提升服务品质和提高通勤者对信息的获取性和可用性。Digi在砂拉越的網絡足跡包括77%的4G LTE和54%的LTE-A覆盖率。 

东马快车在其26辆巴士上采用Digi的iFleet Wi-Fi和全球定位系统(GPS)解决方案。东马快车计划为其旗下的所有巴士安装上免费的Wi-Fi,让客户在旅途上全程连线。 

东马快车是Biaramas Express 私人有限公司旗下的长途巴士品牌,公司每月有超过780个巴士班次,乘客人次高达4万5000,横跨古晋和美里两大城市,五个城镇–斯里阿曼、泗里街、诗巫、沐胶和明都鲁,以及一条跨国路线至印尼坤甸。 

Biaramas Express 董事赖新强说:“我们很开心能够透过与Digi的iFleet合作,在精明交通运输界领先群伦。乘客的安全与舒适是我们最优先考虑的事项,我们一直在寻找能让客户在旅途上无后顾之忧的精明解决方案。我们期待在数码转型路途上与iFleet并肩前进。” 

Digi首席数码官普里文(Praveen Rajan)说:“作为大马最大的网络供应商,这次的合作进一步巩固了我们以全方位数码解决方案,实现业务数码转型的承诺。我们相信,这样的策略合作将协助运输公司,比如东方快车,为沙拉越的乘客提供更安全的通勤和连接。” 







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