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Cloudtruck Offers Cost-Effective Fleet Management Solution

Cloudtruck Fleet Management Solution

Lower operating costs and higher vehicle uptime are crucial for fleet owners and transporters, especially in times of rising fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. 

Cloudtruck: Delivering a Cost-Efficient Fleet Management Solution

Cloudtruck Sdn Bhd offers a well-designed and scalable Fleet Management Solution that helps logistics operators improve operational and administrative efficiency, increase revenue and profits, improve safety, encourage good driving behaviour, reduce unplanned downtime and monitor truck maintenance.

Established in May 2009 by a team of committed and experienced professionals, Cloudtruck is based in the Mak Mandin Industrial Estate, Butterworth, Penang and has eight years of experience in collecting data that provides valuable insight into driving styles, productivity and fuel economy.

Cloudtruck can provide fully customised fleet management systems that could communicate with the latest devices in the market today. Its fleet management system has a web-based user friendly interface and features that include tracking current location, detecting engine on/off, speed detection, fuel data reading, battery voltage reading, tracking historical driving locations, immobiliser that could remotely cut off power, track vehicle idling and geo-fencing alert.

The company has a TrackVision system for commercial vehicles, which provides a competitive edge as its features include real-time and concise dashboard reporting for management view, KPI (Key Performance Indicator), CPK (cents per kilometre) as well as tracking of tyre mileage and lifespan.

TrackVision is the first in Malaysia to provide tracking of tyre temperature and real-time tyre pressure reading. Documentation handling is also included for permits, log book expiration, insurance expiry dates and driver licence numbers. TrackVision also allows tracking of the vehicle service schedule, spare-part cost and service history, vehicle utilisation and quick view of the vehicle’s route. More importantly, it provides more than 95 per cent accuracy in fuel usage in kilometres per litre.

With Cloudtruck’s Fleet Management Solution, fuel cost could be lowered by up to 8 per cent and other benefits include fuel theft prevention, lower idling cost and reducing dependency on diesel controllers and coordinators to manage operations.

Via the top-rated TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) integration in Malaysia, fleet operators could reduce road mishaps, improve fuel economy and increase a tyre’s lifespan.

Operational costs could be reduced by up to 10 per cent via preventive maintenance, improving route planning, reducing unplanned vehicle breakdowns and road accidents, and better conservation of assets.

Cloudtruck’s Fleet Management Solution fully meets the requirements of the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) and provides data security as well as driving records, parking, speeding and idling records. Features also include near 100-per cent system up-time (cloud system) and location accuracy.

Cloudtruck charges very accessible rates for Entry, Standard and Advanced service packages. These are on a no-contract basis.

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