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Angka-Tan Motor Hands Over 40 Foton Auman Prime Movers to A.M.S. Maju Transport

AMSMaju-AngkaTan- handover
AMSMaju-AngkaTan- handover

Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Warisan TC Holdings Bhd, recently handed over 40 Foton Auman EST prime movers to A.M.S. Maju Transport Sdn Bhd.

A.M.S Maju Transport Expands Its Fleet with Foton Auman Prime Movers

A special guest at the handover ceremony was Tan Keng Meng, CEO, Warisan TC Holdings Bhd.

A.M.S. Maju Transport is known for its expertise in transporting concrete piles and quarry materials across Peninsular Malaysia. Since its inception, the company has exclusively utilised second-hand and reconditioned trucks.

To align with JPJ compliance regulations regarding the total weight of moving trucks on the road, A.M.S Maju Transport embarked on expanding its fleet to meet growing delivery demands. According to the company, the decision to choose Foton Auman EST prime movers was driven by several key factors…..

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Angka-Tan Motor 向 A.M.S. Maju Transport交付40辆福田欧曼牵引车


华丽山陈唱控股有限公司(Warisan TC Holdings Bhd )的子公司 Angka-Tan Motor 私人有限公司,近日向 A.M.S. Maju Transport私人有限公司移交了40 辆福田欧曼 EST牵引车。华丽山陈唱控股首席执行员陈庆明是该交车仪式的特邀嘉宾。

A.M.S.Maju Transport是马来西亚半岛知名的专业混凝土桩和采石场材料运输业者。自成立以来,该公司使用的是二手和翻新卡车。

为了符合陆路交通局(JPJ)有关道路上移动卡车总重量的规定,A.M.S Maju Transport 开始扩大其车队,以满足不断增长的交付需求。该公司表示,他们选择福田欧曼EST牵引车是因为几个关键因素……



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