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A Brief Test Drive: Daihatsu Gran Max 1.5L Euro 4 Panel Van

Daihatsu Gran Max Euro 4 Panel Van

Daihatsu Malaysia has launched its new Daihatsu Gran Max 1.5L Euro 4 in March 2021, available as a pick up or a panel van. 

Behind the Wheel in the New Daihatsu Gran Max Euro 4 Panel Van

The new light commercial vehicle from the Japanese brand is the enhanced model that will be replacing the previous Euro 2 model.

Truck & Bus News recently has a chance to test drive the new Gran Max 1.5L Euro 4 panel van with automatic transmission. The vehicle was sent to our office housed in Wisma Kit Loong at Jalan Tandang, Petaling Jaya, Selangor and immediately drew great attention and interest from quite a few of the employees from Kit Loong. Its automatic transmission and generous cargo space, as well as the additional practical compartments were noted. The vehicle also comes with other essential comforts such as the passenger seat open tray, the centre console tray, as well as three cup holders for passenger, driver and console box, which have earned admiring glances.

The Gran Max Euro 4 panel van looks pretty much like its predecessor. But, let’s go behind the wheel to find out more about the vehicle. Powered by a 1.5-litre aluminium block 2NR Euro 4 petrol engine with a new Dual VVT (variable valve timing for both intake and exhaust valves), which enables it to achieve outstanding fuel efficiency and boost driving performance. Paired with the engine is a 4-speed automatic gearbox.

It is also worth mentioning that the new engine adopts a front mid-engine layout where the engine is positioned beneath the front seats for optimal front-rear weight distribution, aimed towards improving driving stability at high speeds and during cornering.

A Comfortable Ride

The driving was easy, smooth and effortless with the new powertrain. We really enjoyed the ride, which felt similar to being in a car as opposed to a van with good acceleration and pick-up, where we drove it on highways and gentle slopes. This was further improved with the Electrical Power Steering (EPS) which contributed not only to easier manoeuvring, greater handling and steering, but also a greater fuel economy. With a minimum turning radius of 4.9 metres, this made it easier to manoeuvre and make reasonably tight turns in narrow spaces.  Additionally, with its rear-wheel-drive (RWD), the vehicle was able to offer more traction and stability to support heavy loads.

It was not noisy at all. We hardly heard the engine noise when we drove over the speed bump. Moreover, even if it was unloaded, the new panel van did not bounce down the road.

Apart from that, a clear view of the road ahead and visibility of surroundings was achieved through a large windscreen, spacious door windows, and the adjustable driver seat, which gave us more confidence while driving. Its cabin also offered proper head, knee l and legroom. Even under the hot sun, the powerful air conditioning of the new Euro 4 Gran Max kept us cool and comfortable throughout the ride. The JVC head unit with radio also keep us entertained, especially because it could also connect to smartphones via Bluetooth or USB, so we could listen to our favourite tunes and make handsfree phone calls. All these features were greatly appreciated, especially for a driver who spends many hours in the van on a daily basis.

Other improvements include its 14-inch wheels, which are an inch bigger than its previous model for better stability and handling control on the road, as well as better support for a bigger cargo load.

Improved Safety and Spacious Loading Capacity

With the on-the-road-without insurance price starting from RM73,164, this new panel van comes with improved safety features. This includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), an important safety feature that prevents oversteering or understeering and ensures stability by preventing the vehicle from rollover and side collisions. There’s also an Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) on top of the Dual SRS Airbags for the driver and passengers, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Immobiliser, Reverse Sensors and Alarm System. It also comes standard with adjustable headlights which is an added advantage for safety.

The new Gran Max panel van has a superior loading capacity of a light commercial vehicle, with a maximum loading capacity of 750 kilograms. A low floor clearance of 620mm and a wide rear door opening makes it easy to load and unload cargo from the hold.

Demand has always been encouraging for the Daihatsu Gran Max as it is very popular in a wide variety of industries, including in construction, service, agriculture as well as in courier, delivery and logistics sectors.

The Figures Speak for Themselves

A look at Gran Max’s sales figures will further convince you of its strong position in the market. Daihatsu Malaysia‘s corporate sales in 2020 saw a 10 per cent growth from 2019, boosted by repeat orders because of strong customer confidence and the e-commerce campaigns. According to the company, Gran Max was named the number one pick up and panel van model for the light commercial vehicle (below 2.0L) segment in Malaysia for 2020. It is also the preferred vehicle especially for last-mile carriers, with its panel van variant showing sales growth of 26 per cent year-on-year from 2019.

With this upgrade, Daihatsu Malaysia intends to cater to the needs of those looking for improved fuel-efficiency, performance and to support the work and lifestyles of a variety of customers.

That’s a lot to like about the Gran Max van, except two minor drawbacks. The driver seat was unable to recline, but after the test drive we found out that the solution was to put down the divider. The thin sliding doors could also be made a little sturdier in our opinion.  However, you don’t have to take our word for it.  You can walk into a Daihatsu dealership or outlet near you for a test drive, so you can experience and discover more about it on your own.

简短试驾:大发欧4 Gran Max 1.5升厢型货车

马来西亚大发在3月推出了新款大发欧4 Gran Max 1.5 升的皮卡和厢型车。这款来自日本品牌的全新增强轻型商用车,将取代之前的欧2版本。

《卡客车新闻》近日有机会试驾配备自动变速箱的全新欧4 Gran Max 1.5升厢式货车。这辆车被送到了我们位于雪兰莪州八打灵再也 Jalan Tandang 的吉隆大厦办公室,立即引起了吉隆不少员工的极大关注和兴趣。它的自动变速器和宽敞的货物空间,以及额外且实用的储物箱都受到了关注。该车还配备了其他重要的舒适设施,例如乘客座椅开放式托盘、中控台托盘以及三个用于乘客、驾驶员和控制台的杯架,而这些都赢得了赞叹。

欧4 Gran Max厢式货车看起来很像它的上一代。让我们来试驾这辆车,以发掘更多有关它的信息。搭载 1.5 升铝缸体2NR欧4 汽油引擎,配备全新双 VVT(进气和排气门可变气门正时),使它能够实现出色的燃油效率并提升驾驶性能。与引擎匹配的是4速自动变速箱。

值得一提的是,全新Gran Max的新引擎采用前中置布局,将引擎置于前排座椅下方,实现最佳车子前后重量分布,旨在提升高速和转弯时的行驶稳定性。


这款采用全新动力系统的新货车驾驶起来非常轻松、平稳且毫不费力。我们真的很喜欢这次的试驾,感觉就好像在开着汽车而非货车,不论是在高速公路或缓坡上行驶,它都同样具有良好加速性能和冲力。电动助力转向系统 (EPS) 进一步改进了这一点,不仅有助于更轻松的操纵、更好的操控和转向,而且还有助于节油。它的最小转弯半径为 4.9 米,使它能在狭窄空间里操纵自如和进行合理的急转弯。此外,后轮驱动 (RWD)的Gran Max也为它在重载下提供更大的牵引力和稳定性。


除此之外,通过大挡风镜、宽敞的门窗和可调节的驾驶员座椅,可以清楚地看到前方的道路和周围环境,这让我们在驾驶时更加有自信。它的驾驶室还提供适当的头部、膝盖和腿部空间。即使在烈日下,全新的欧4 Gran Max 强大的空调也让我们在整个行驶过程中保持凉爽和舒适。 JVC主机除了收音机功能外,还可通过蓝牙或 USB 连接智能手机收听喜爱的音乐和拨打免提电话,让我们乐在其中。这些功能无一不令人赞赏,尤其是对每天在货车上花费很多时间的司机来说。



不含车险的上路价从73,164令吉起,这辆全新的厢型车配备改进的安全功能。这包括车辆稳定性控制 (VSC),一项可防止转向过度或转向不足,并通过防止车辆翻覆和侧面碰撞来确保行驶稳定性的重要安全性能。除了驾驶员和乘客的双安全气囊,它还配备紧急停止信号 (ESS)、防锁死制动系统 (ABS)、防盗装置、倒车传感器和警报系统。它也标配了可调节的大灯,一个额外的安全优势。

新款 Gran Max 厢型货车具有轻型商用车的卓越装载能力,最高可达750 公斤。 620 毫米的低地板间隙和宽大的后门开口,方便装卸货物。

大发 Gran Max 享有令人鼓舞的需求量,它在各个行业都非常受欢迎,包括建筑、服务、农业、快递、送货及物流业。


看看 Gran Max 的销售数据,将进一步让您相信它在市场上的强大地位。马来西亚大发的2020 年销售量比 2019年增长了10 %,这主要归功于对Gran Max具强大信心的客户的重复购买和电子商务活动的推动。据该公司表示,Gran Max 是 2020 年马来西亚轻型商用车(2.0 升以下)细分市场中排名第一的皮卡和厢型车。它也是最后一英里运营商的首选车型,其厢型车自 2019 年以来,销售量同比增长 26%。


Gran Max 厢型车除了两个微小的缺点外,有很多值得喜欢的地方。其驾驶员座椅无法倾斜,但完成试驾后我们才发现只要放下分隔器一切便可迎刃而解。另外,它的侧滑门比较薄,在我们看来可以做得更坚固一些。但是,您不必完全相信我们说的。您可以走进附近的大发代理商或销售点进行试驾,这样您就可以自己体验它,发掘更多有关它的信息。

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