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Volvo Buses Unveils Fully Built Low-Entry Double Deck Coach

Volvo Buses Double Deck Coach

Volvo Buses and Truckquip launched the first ever fully built Volvo B11RLE 6×2 double deck coach recently at Volvo Buses‘ Malaysia office in Shah Alam.

Volvo B11RLE 6×2 Double Deck Coach’s ‘Ride and Drive’ Event

After introducing the Volvo B11RLE 6×2 chassis to the Malaysian bus market, Volvo Buses is now showcasing the first ever fully built Volvo B11RLE 6×2 double deck coach and inviting customers to experience first-hand a ‘Ride and Drive’ event.

Jointly organised by Volvo Buses and its partner Truckquip Sdn Bhd (TQ), Volvo’s fully authorised chassis assembly factory in Malaysia, the ‘Ride and Drive’ kicked off at Volvo Buses’ Malaysia office in Shah Alam.

Graced by Anthony Loke Siew Fook, Transport Minister of Malaysia, and Dr Joachim Bergstrom, Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia, the event saw participants taking a tour around the Shah Alam area and enjoying mixed road conditions.

This, according to Volvo Buses, is the first time a fully built Volvo B11R Low Entry 6×2 double deck coach is showcased and operated on road in the market since the chassis’ introduction in 2022.

“This is an opportunity not to be missed,” said Mats Nilsson, Vice President of Volvo Buses Asia Pacific. “Malaysia is the only market in Asia offering the Volvo B11RLE; it is assembled and built here in Malaysia and specially designed for Malaysia to meet our customers’ expectations, passengers’ requirements and local operational needs.”

The first ever Volvo B11R Low Entry bus featuring the Alpha DD12 TQ body is designed to be the king of the road, offering maximised safety with a newly integrated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that is enhanced with technologies such as Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), which provide alerts against falling asleep momentarily or distractions while driving. In addition, the Alpha DD12 is built as a wider stance, resulting in lower centre of gravity for better stability, especially while driving on the highway. This increases driver confidence and ultimately improve passenger comfort and road safety.

“The partnership between Volvo Buses and TQ started as early as 2015, with bus chassis assembly for the local market, and we are proud to collaborate on this specially designed for Malaysia model Volvo B11RLE 6×2. TQ’s technical team has worked day and night over the past year with Volvo’s body building support and instructions to come up with this striking, premium double deck coach and we look forward to more such successful collaborations,” shared Tan Keng Meng, Executive Vice President and Group CEO of Warisan TC Holdings Berhad.

The newly-built Volvo B111RLE 6×2 double deck is to be handed over to Sani Express Sdn Bhd (Sani), which has signed an order for 12 units. The units that would be delivered throughout the year are planned for service between Kota Bharu and Kuala Lumpur.

Sani is one of the biggest bus operators from Kota Bharu, providing transportation services including airport transport, hotel shuttle, intercity and city operations. Wan Mohd Iskandar  Dato Salleh, Group Managing Director of Sani, is confident that the newly purchased Volvo B11RLE models would elevate his fleet to a new level by providing outstanding comfort to his passengers for long distance travel.


随着沃尔沃巴士将沃尔沃B11RLE 6×2底盘引入马来西亚市场,该公司隆重推介首辆已组装完毕的沃尔沃B11RLE 6×2双层巴士,并邀请客户驾乘这辆巴士。

这个由沃尔沃巴士及其合作伙伴Truckquip私人有限公司(TQ)联手举办的驾乘(Ride and Drive)活动在马来西亚沃尔沃巴士位于沙亚南的办事处举行。TQ 是沃尔沃在马来西亚的授权底盘组装工厂。



沃尔沃巴士亚太区副总裁尼尔森(Mats Nilsson)说:“这是一个不容错过的机会。马来西亚是亚洲唯一销售沃尔沃B11RLE的市场,这辆巴士在马来西亚组装和制造,它是专为马来西亚设计,以满足我们客户的期盼、乘客的要求和本地的运营需求。”

史上第一款沃尔沃 B11RLE 低入门巴士采用ALPHA DD12 TQ 车身,它旨在成为公路上的佼佼者,通过新集成的高级驾驶辅助系统(ADAS)确保行驶更安全,并且还搭载司机监控系统(DMS)等先进技术,避免司机在开车时打瞌睡或分心。此外,Alpha DD12 的车身设计更宽,重心更低,行驶时更加稳定。有鉴于此,它有助于增强司机在高速公路行驶时的信心,同时提高客人乘车的舒适度和道路安全。

华丽山陈唱控股有限公司执行副总裁兼集团首席执行员陈庆民说:“沃尔沃巴士和TQ 早在2015年就缔结合作关系,为本地市场组装巴士底盘。因此,我们感到很自豪,彼此能携手开发这款专为马来西亚而设计的车款沃尔沃 B11RLE 6×2。在过去的一年里,TQ技术小组在沃尔沃车身建造的援助和指导之下,日以继夜地工作,推出这款引人注目的优良双层巴士,我们期待在未来开展更多类似的合作项目。”

全新的沃尔沃 B111RLE 6×2 双层巴士将移交给Sani Express 私人有限公司。该公司已下单预订12辆双层巴士,沃尔沃巴士预计会在今年内交付所有巴士。这些新巴士将载送乘客往返哥打峇鲁和吉隆坡。Sani 是哥打峇鲁规模最大的巴士公司之一,其运输服务涵盖机场接送、酒店班车、城际和城市运输服务。Sani集团董事经理旺莫哈默依斯干达(Wan Mohd Iskandar Dato’Salleh)相信新购置的沃尔沃 B11RLE 车款将改善乘客乘坐长途巴士的舒适度,从而提高该公司车队的水平。


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