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Vista Wheels Delivers 10 Fuso Arm-Roller Trucks to KDEB Waste Management

Vista Wheels KDEB Waste Management

Vista Wheels, the authorised dealer of Mitsubishi Fuso, handed over 10 arm-roller Fuso trucks to KDEB Waste Management Sdn Bhd (KDEBWM) recently at the Green Concerns factory in Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Vista Wheels Completes Delivery of 10 Fuso Arm-Roller Trucks to KDEB Waste Management

The mock keys were presented to Ramli Mohd Tahir, General Manager, KDEBWM and 10 sub-contractors of Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) by Book Lim Guan, Head of Sales, Vista Wheels Sdn Bhd and Jacky Tan, Senior Manager, Fuso Retail Sales and Product Management, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles. Also present was Mohd Faizal Tuah, Manager Technical and Equipment, KDEBWM.

 Since we were appointed by the State Government of Selangor in July, 2016 to manage domestic waste collection and public cleansing in the Klang Municipal Council (MPK), we have invested significantly in machine and equipment. We have confidence in Mitsubishi Fuso as it is affiliated with Germany-based Daimler AG and has Japanese technology. We are happy with the after-sales services and performance of Fuso, especially in fuel consumption and safety as well as the professional and good quality body work from Green Concerns,” said Ramli.  

According to him, many old wastage trucks that were currently in operation had a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 5,000kg. But the 10 arm-roller trucks that the company purchased had a GVW of 7,500kg, which allowed it to work more efficiently, carrying more loads and bulky items such as old sofas.

To date, the company had more than 225 trucks, including 85 Fuso arm-roller trucks and 140 garbage compactor trucks. “We have invested RM65 million on waste machines, garbage trucks, road sweepers and high pressure water jetters,” he added.

KDEBWM is 100-per cent wholly owned by Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBI). Currently, the company managed the Domestic Waste Collection and Public Cleansing services in Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) and Klang Municipal Council (MPK).

He revealed that the company collected more waste compared to the previous service provider, whereby 2,000 tonnes of waste was collected daily from the 3 municipal councils. “We will be taking over another 6 to 7 more municipal councils and will need 300 to 400 more trucks. This is the second handover of Fuso arm-roller trucks, following the previous 10 units. We will definitely buy more trucks from Vista Wheels.”

For complete visibility and monitoring of the company’s fleet, all of its trucks were equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS). This, he said, was especially useful in helping the company act quickly whenever it received cleansing public complaints.

 “In addition to that, we have launched the iClean Selangor mobile app, which was made available on Android’s Play Store since 1st July, 2016. It is currently available for use in Klang, Selayang and Ampang Jaya. After a simple registration process, the application requires its users to take photographs of uncollected garbage and the complaint would be forwarded to the centralised command centre for record and monitoring. The photos are automatically geotagged with their location and forwarded to the Site Supervisors, who after checking them would send the complaints to contractors to resolve them within 24 hours.”

He hoped to see more public accessing this application so that it would be fast and easy for them to lodge their complaints on waste collection and public cleansing.

Ramli concluded that all the investments and efforts had shown how committed the company was in maintaining the cleanliness of the Selangor state. The most significant achievements for the company, he said, were the statistics in public complaints against domestic waste collection; it recorded an average of 95-per cent drop in the participating municipalities – Klang, Selayang and Ampang Jaya.

Vista Wheels10辆扶桑摆臂式卡車


近日,三菱扶桑经销商Vista Wheels,在位于雪州双溪毛糯的Green Concerns工厂将10 辆扶桑摆臂式卡车交付达鲁益山垃圾管理私人有限公司(KDEBWM)。

Vista Wheels 私人有限公司销售主管Book Lim Guan与马赛地商用车扶桑零售销售及产品管理高级经理Jacky Tan 将模拟钥匙移交KDEBWM 总经理南利(Ramli Mohd Tahir ) 10名分包商代表。出席的还有KDEBWM技术及设备经理莫法依扎(Mohd Faizal )。


20167月被雪州政府委任管理巴生市议会(MPK)家庭垃圾和公共净化以来,我们在机械和设备方面做了巨大的投资。采用日本科技的三菱扶桑与德国戴姆勒公司的联盟,让我们对它很有信心。我们非常满意扶桑的售后服务和性能表现,特别是在省油和安全性方面,以及Green Concerns所提供的专业和优质车身。南利表示。








他透露说,该公司比之前的公司收集了更多的垃圾,他们每日从上述三个市议会收集了2000吨垃圾。我们将接管67个市议会,也就是说我们还需要300400多辆卡车。我们之前已经接获了10辆扶桑卡车,这是第二次的扶桑卡车交付。我们一定会向Vista Wheels购买更多的卡车。




此外,我们还推介了雪兰莪iClean应用程式,从201671日起就可以从Androind Play Store下载手机应用程式。它如今能够用于巴生、士拉央吉安邦再也。在简单地注册后,用户只需用手机将散布的垃圾拍下来,照片就会自动地理标记他们的地点,将它传送到现场主管Site Supervisors)那里。一旦检查完毕,他们就会将有关的投诉传给承包商,并在24小时内解决垃圾问题。





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