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UD Trucks Holds First-Ever Virtual Welcome Ceremony for New Graduates in Japan

UD Trucks Virtual Ceremony

UD Trucks recruited more than 200 new graduates in Japan to help maximise uptime for its customers.

UD Trucks Continues its Investment in Talent

UD Trucks continues to invest in talent by recruiting more than 200 new graduates in Japan from 2020. In an effort to prevent the spread of the Covid-19, the welcome ceremony and initial training was held virtually across 16 locations.

The new graduates that joined the company this year represent the second largest class behind last year’s record-high intake. Among the new graduates this year, the vast majority will serve as mechanics, in order to help maximise uptime for customers amid an ongoing labour shortage. “We live in trying times, but UD Trucks by its nature is a challenger. The growing Covid-19 pandemic is a major global challenge but we will rise to it as One UD team”, Chairman UD Trucks, Joachim Rosenberg said.  “One of our values is ultimate dependability. We made a promise to these young talents to hire and develop them, and of course we will live up to it. Logistics is the lifeblood of society and as a partner of the logistics industry, we will continue to create growth opportunities for the young so we can serve our customers now and in the future.”

Senior Vice President HR Ylva Schéle welcomed the new graduates in a ceremony broadcasted live across 16 locations and explained the staggered seating arrangements. “The first day is a special day in any career and we will celebrate it while keeping a safe distance between each other.” The new graduates were also presented with a golden ticket to a welcome ceremony at the Ageo headquarters, which will be held once the Covid-19 pandemic is curbed.

Senior Vice President Japan Sales Kouji Maruyama underlined the importance of Gemba in the current crisis by stating that “UD Trucks is famous for always being by its customer’s side. They now depend on us more than ever before, so the new mechanics will be welcomed with open arms!” UD Trucks is placing special priority on servicing vehicles to meet growing demands for medical and food supplies.

Beyond the online ceremony, the company will offer induction training virtually for new graduates using a similar setup, which allows participants to interact online with each other as well fostering a sense of belonging and unity. As a leading company in terms of modern working culture, UD Trucks will also continue to promote online communication tools for all employees such as web conferencing, to maximise flexible ways of working including working from home.

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