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UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge Announces Winner

UD Trucks Extra Mile

Jointly organised by UD Trucks and TCIE, the UDEMC is an annual competition which is part of UD Trucks’ vision for smart logistics

Setia Maju Jaya Logistick’s Driver Wins Again at UDEMC Competition

Khairul Nafsha Ishak, a 36-year-old truck driver with Setia Maju Jaya Logistik Sdn Bhd, is the winner of the 4th edition of Malaysia’s UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge (UDEMC).

This was the second consecutive year that a driver from Setia Maju Jaya Logistik Sdn Bhd has won the UDEMC competition here in Malaysia. By winning this competition, Khairul Nafsha now has more training to do as he is set to represent Malaysia at the UDEMC Global Final competition in Japan next year.

Khairul Nafsha’s win follows a recent two-month long pre-selection competition round which saw him battle it out with other truck drivers from all over Malaysia. Jointly organised by UD Trucks and its sole distributor partner in Malaysia, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), the UDEMC is an annual competition which is part of UD Trucks’ vision for smart logistics. It is a friendly drivers competition aimed at increasing drivers’ competency through skills and knowledge enhancements and on maximising the capability of the UD Quester heavy-duty truck.

The format of the competition, which all participants were required to go through, simulates the actual truck operation cycle and assesses drivers in the three key areas – pre-driving inspection, fuel efficiency and safe driving, in addition to manoeuvring and parking. Contestants compete by using the UD Quester heavy-duty truck and are measured on effectiveness in operational costs, the ability to reduce downtime and safe and skilled driving.

The key purpose of the competition structure is to simulate a general transportation cycle and to visualise profitable operation through avoiding downtime, maintaining low-cost operation, preventing accidents and ensuring shorter trip time through efficient driving. All these will link the driver’s skills to business reality.

Steve Hedouin, Managing Director Hub Malaysia, UD Trucks shared, “At UD Trucks, we believe that societies depend on logistics to function and vice versa. In the midst of this, truck drivers are the enablers and the backbone of the industry. Thus, the UDEMC is designed with the driver in mind, demonstrating our commitment to improving driver education and motivation, while giving recognition to the unsung heroes of smart logistics.”

Jaclyn Loy, Chief Operating Officer, TCIE added, “UDEMC is a one-of-its-kind competition that benefits both truck drivers and companies. Since we started a few years ago, UDEMC has received very encouraging responses from our customers. This is a sign that our brand promise of going the extra mile to provide optimum support to our clients in terms of driver improvement and aftermarket support are valuable and beneficial to them.”

In addition to winning the championship, Khairul Nafsha also scored the best marks in the ‘Best Driving Skill’ category. Two other drivers won in the other categories, namely Mohamed Firdaus Shahrudin, a 33 years old truck driver from UPC Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd who won in the ‘Best Pre-Drive Inspection’ category and Mohd Azli, 37 years old truck driver from Tenaga Nasional Berhad who won in the ‘Best Fuel Efficiency’ category.

Khairul Nafsha shared that he has been a truck driver for 11 years and started driving the UD Quester two years ago.

Khairul Nafsha won an all-expenses paid trip to Japan, a Quester Parts & Service voucher worth RM2,000, RM500 for winning the ‘Best Driving Skill’ category and an exclusive driver training session for all the drivers from Setia Maju Jaya Logistik Sdn Bhd.

Mohamed Firdaus from UPC Chemicals and Mohd Azli from Tenaga Nasional walked away with Quester Parts & Service vouchers worth RM500 each.

UD Trucks Extra Mile挑战赛宣布优胜者

现年36岁的忠成运傤贸易有限公司(Setia Maju Jaya Logistik Sdn Bhd)司机凯鲁(Khairul Nafsha),技压群雄,成为马来西亚第四届UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge挑战赛(简称UDEMC)的冠军。


不久之前,凯鲁参加了长达两个月的初选赛,与全国各地的卡车司机比试。一年一度的UDEMC挑战赛由UD Trucks和马来西亚独家经销商陈唱工业用具有限公司(Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd)联办,也是配合UD Trucks落实智能物流愿景而作出的努力。该友谊赛旨在通过强化驾驶技能和知识,提升司机的核心能力,让他们全面发挥UD Quester重型卡车的卓越性能。

比赛环节模仿卡车实际运作而设计,每名参赛者都必须完成整个流程,评审则根据行前检查、燃油效率和安全行驶,驾驶和泊车三大环节来评估参赛司机的表现。参赛者以UD Quester重型卡车参赛,评分项目包括“运营成本效率”、“延长卡车运行时间”和“安全熟练技能”。


UD Trucks马来西亚区董事经理赫杜因(Steve Hedouin)说:“UD Trucks相信,整个社会和物流业互相依靠,才能维持良好运作,而身为运输业骨干的卡车司机,便是维持有关运作的中坚力量。UDEMC挑战赛专为司机而设,我们要教育和激励司机,也要表扬这些默默付出的无名英雄。”


除了夺得冠军,凯鲁还在“最佳驾驶技术”组别中获得最高分。另外两名司机,即来自马来西亚联成贸易,33 岁的莫哈默菲道斯(Mohamed Firdaus Shahrudin) 和来自国家能源,37岁的 莫阿兹利( Mohd Azli Mohd Nor ),分别赢得 “最佳行前检查”奖和“最佳省油效果”奖。

凯鲁说,他当了11年卡车司机,并在两年前开始驾驶UD Quester重型卡车。

凯鲁赢得费用全包的日本之旅和价值2,000令吉的Quester 零部件及服务礼券。除大奖以外,他也获得“最佳驾驶技术”的500令吉现金奖,以及所有忠成运傤贸易的司机都能参加一个独家驾驶培训课程。

马来西亚联成化学的莫哈默菲道斯和国家能源的莫阿兹利分别获得价值500令吉的 Quester 零部件及服务礼券。

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