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SF Techlogis Introduces Its All-in-One Unified Logistics Services Digital Platform

SF Techlogis Logistics Services

With the aim to modernise the Malaysian logistics platform, SF Techlogis has  developed one unified online logistics services platform. 

SF Techlogis Aim to Connect Customers and Carries

Traditional relationships in the logistics industry is transforming with the rise of new digital services, as well as the evolution of customer expectations. Traditional players that persist with ‘business as usual’ could well lose their competitiveness and value. Key industry players are aware of these changes and have made their investments in technological investments, such as developing their own digital platform or leveraging on a reliable logistics platform. For small and medium fleet companies or owners, individual truck drivers, as well as shippers, the latter is probably more practical and cost efficient.

Founded by Chief Executive Officer Dato Tan Soon Hong, Johor Bahru based SF Techlogis Sdn Bhd, is a technology company focusing on next generation services and new delivery concepts. With the aim to modernise the Malaysian logistics platform, the company has done just that, by developing one unified online logistics services platform. The rationale behind this is to connect customers and carries, to bridge the information gap, to improve efficiency, and to provide real-time visibility across the supply chain.

The benefits of using the platform, the company pointed out include transparency in trading and pricing. This is because GPS tracking ensures visibility, ensures for an on-time payment and that all goods are insured and handle with care, including return goods…..

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SF Techlogis 推出统一的多功能物流服务平台


SF Techlogis私人有限公司由首席执行员拿督陈顺峰创立,是一家聚焦于下一代服务和新交付概念的科技公司。为了将马来西亚的物流平台现代化,该公司创建了一个多功能的统一物流服务平台。背后的目的是将客户与运输业者连接起来,弥合信息差距,改善整个供应链的效率及提供实时可见度。



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