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SF Techlogis Conceptualised User-Centric Digital Logistics Services Platform

SF Techlogis is building the first ever gateway for businesses in Malaysia, with their one unified online logistics service platform.

SF Techlogis:Digital Logistics Service Platform is the Future of Transport & Logistics Industry

As a technology-driven company focusing on next generation services and new delivery concepts, the Johor-Bahru-based SF Techlogis Sdn Bhd believes that digital logistics service platforms will soon be the future of the transport and logistics industry.

“We are building the first ever logistics gateway for businesses in Malaysia, with our one unified online logistics service platform. The purpose of developing this platform is to connect customer and carriers, to bridge the information gap and to improve efficiency, as well as to provide real-time visibility across the supply chain,” said Chief Business Development Officer Dr Derrick Tey.

Since the company was established in 2018 by Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Tan Soon Hong, Tey said they have been searching for transporters and customers with delivery needs. To date, they have 675 shippers and 6,115 trucks registered on their platform, and the numbers are continuing to grow…..

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SF Techlogis将以用户为中心的物流服务平台概念化

作为一家专注于下一代服务和新交付概念的技术驱动型公司,SF Techlogis私人有限公司的总部位于新山。该公司相信数字物流服务平台很快就会成为运输和物流行业的未来。


自首席执行长拿督陈顺峰于 2018 年成立该公司以来,戴聪理表示,他们就一直在寻找运输商和有送货需求的客户。迄今为止,他们的平台上已经有 675 名托运人和 6,115 辆卡车,托运人和卡车的注册数量仍在持续增长…….。


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