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Scania Unveils Sustainable Partnerships of First ADAS and First Euro V in Malaysia

Scania ADAS Euro V Malaysia

Scania Malaysia has unveiled sustainable partnerships for the first New Truck Generation with ADAS and the first Euro V truck in Malaysia.

Scania Malaysia Takes Part in MCVE 2022

Scania Malaysia has unveiled sustainable partnerships for the first New Truck Generation (NTG) with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and the first Euro V truck in Malaysia, together with other sustainable transport solutions.

The B100 FAME-prepared coaches were also unveiled at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE), held in the Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre. A test & drive competition called ‘A Good Driver’ MCVE Edition was also announced, which is open to the public. MCVE’s Guest-of-honour Dato’ Henry Sum Agong, Deputy Minister of Transport, witnessed these proceedings.

Scania’s business strategy has a strong focus on efficiency, economy and sustainability. We started on this sustainability journey more than 130 years ago globally, in Malaysia more than 50 years ago, passed more than 60 years ago. Customers back then were still curious what this is all about. Today, some of the leading companies in the country now see the importance of putting sustainability at the core of their business and have begun to use sustainability as a market differentiator. These companies have pledged to reduce their carbon footprint and improve other sustainability initiatives,” said Ian Tan, Business Development Director, Scania Southeast Asia….

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此外,可采用B100脂肪酸甲酯(FAME)燃料的长途巴士也在绿野国际会展中心举行的马来西亚商用车展(MCVE)上亮相。其他活动包括公开让公众参加的MCVE版“一个好驾驶员”(A Good Driver)试驾竞赛。马来西亚商用车展嘉宾–副交通部长拿督亨利(Dato’ Henry Sum Agong)也在场见证了上述的进程。

斯堪尼亚东南亚区业务发展总监Ian Tan表示:“斯堪尼亚的商业战略非常注重效率、经济性和可持续性。130多年前,我们在全球展开了可持续发展之旅,马来西亚则是在50多年前。如今转眼已过了60 多年,当时的客户对此很好奇。现在国内的一些领先公司看到了将可持续发展作为业务核心的重要性,并开始以它作为市场差异化因素。这些公司已承诺减少碳足迹并改进其他可持续发展计划……。”


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