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Scania Launches New Sandakan Workshop

The new Sandakan workshop is expected to increase the convenience for customers to enjoy all of the benefits Scania has to offer. 

Scania Further Strengthens its Presence in Sandakan

Scania recently launched a new workshop in Sandakan, Sabah to service customers in the Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Tawau areas. The company says this facility adds to an already wide service network in Malaysia that provides the ‘best services’ for safety, fuel economy, uptime and environmentally friendly solutions for truck, bus and coach operations. Its presence in Sandakan is expected to increase the convenience for customers to enjoy all of the benefits Scania has to offer. 

Equipped with two work bays and manned by three technicians, Scania invested above RM500,000 to build this workshop. The skilled technicians could work on up to four vehicles per day and the number of technicians could be increased when needed. Like all its employees, Scania says they would continuously receive formal training and undergo on-the-job training to enhance their skills, knowledge, professionalism and teamwork to ensure that they deliver a more effective service. 

Scania adds that its customers in Sandakan could continue to enjoy profitability in their operations through its sustainable transport solutions. Maintenance Services, Repair Services, Parts Services, Driver Services (consisting of Driver Training and Coaching), Fleet Management System (FMS), Financial Services, 24/7 Scania Assistance roadside services (by calling 1800-08-8500) are available to customers. 

“We have been in Sabah for a long time and continue to see potential growth in the state, especially in the east coast. Our strategic presence in Sandakan complements the Kota Kinabalu facility to support our customers in achieving profitability and sustainability,” said Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director Marie Sjödin Enström. 

“For customers to get the most out of their fleet, it is vital that Scania supports them with the right solutions. Convenient access to workshops and genuine parts is crucial for our customers anywhere. Our parts add value to their business because they are engineered for ultimate performance, endurance, fuel economy and safety as well as lower environmental impact,” added Marie. 

The workshop is expected to make it easier for the customers in Sabah to adopt the Scania Ecolution programme, a partnership-based solution for operators and businesses to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It says operators would see their total operating economy improve while building a sustainability image that its customers could be proud of.

As part of the opening, Scania would run a Recon Truck Promotion until 31st March, 2019. Owners of reconditioned Scania trucks could get a free ‘health check’ and free Scania retrofit of FMS or free activation of FMS. Scania also offers S service packages at a 30-per cent discount together with software checking and downgrading. Maintenance contracts are on offer at a special price of RM0.098/km with a minimum term of 10,000km per month during the Recon Truck Promotion period. Checking for the correct filters for B10 diesel compatibility is also part of this ‘great promotion’, which is seen as a step towards an environmentally friendly state. 

Scania Malaysia in Sandakan, together with our entire network of service centres, would facilitate the shift towards a sustainable transport system for transport companies in this region. More needs to be done to lower emissions globally to reduce global warming and address climate change. We would continue to provide solutions to help our customers achieve the best profitability without sacrificing sustainability,” concluded Marie.




斯堪尼亚近日为其沙巴山打根的全新修车厂举行发布会,该全新的中心将为山打根、拉哈达图(Lahad Datu)及斗湖的客户提供服务。该公司表示,此新添的修车厂,加入了该公司在马来西亚原本就已相当广泛的服务网络,为卡车、巴士及长途巴士提供最佳的安全、节油、高出勤率及环保的解决方案。此位于山打根的修车厂预期将为客户带来更多享受斯堪尼亚服务的便利。



斯堪尼亚东南亚董事经理玛丽(Marie Sjödin Enström)表示:“我们在沙巴已经有很长一段时间了,而且在该州属看到增长的潜能,特别是东海岸。我们在山打根的策略性存在,可以补足我们在哥打京那巴鲁的设施,支持客户实现利润及可持续性。”。



配合该修车厂的落成,斯堪尼亚将展开一个翻新卡车优惠(Recon Turck Promotion)促销活动,直到2019年3月31日为止。斯堪尼亚翻新卡车的车主将享有免费“健康检查”和免费的斯堪尼亚FMS改装或免费FMS激活。斯堪尼亚也将提供30% 的S服务配套折扣,软件检查和降级服务。在该翻新卡车优惠期间,养护合约的促销价为RM0.098/km,每月最低为10,000公里。这项促销包含检查车辆的过滤器是否可兼容B10生物柴油,此举被视为迈向一个更环保州属所作出的努力。

“马来西亚斯堪尼亚在山打根,与我们整个服务中心网络联手,推动此区域的运输公司,将它们转变为可持续性的运输系统。我们需要进行更多的工作来减低全球的废气排放和全球暖化,以及关注气候改变。我们将继续提供解决方案,协助客户在不牺牲可持续性下实现最优利润。” 玛丽总结。




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