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Pro Tyre Admin to Reduce Tyre Costs for Fleet Operators

Pro Tyre Costs Fleet Operators

For fleet or logistics operators, the major challenges include managing vehicle fuel and maintenance costs. These include the headache of high tyre replacement costs, due to theft or lack of records regarding mileage and wear.

Pro Tyre Admin: Lowering Fleet Operators’ Tyre Expenses

To help transport operators in reducing their tyre replacement costs, Pro Sales & Marketing Consultancy Sdn Bhd offers a solution with its web-based Pro Tyre Admin, hailed as the ultimate tyre management system (TMS).

The company’s CEO Andrew Sia, who has 11 years of experience in tyre fleet management systems, pointed out that there was a low rate of TMS usage in Malaysia. “Tyres are the second largest operating cost after fuel. Without a TMS, there would be no proper records and documentation on tyre usage or performance. Dealers and users would just make decisions about tyre replacement every time a tyre is worn out. They are normally unable to provide much information about how long each tyre will last especially if one is managing more than 100 trucks and beyond 1,000 tyres. This means business owners are not making the most profitable and cost-efficient decision,” said Sia.

Another major issue for fleet owners is tyre theft. “For instance, unscrupulous people would sell the new vehicle tyres (which were bought to replace the old, worn-out tyres). So, the vehicle would continue to run on old tyres. Now, with a proper TMS, business owners could have more transparency and better control of their tyres. They know when to rotate the tyres to ensure that they last longer and save cost,” said Sia.

Pro Tyre Admin is a web-based TMS that the company developed in end-2016.  It was designed to reduce costs for transport and logistics companies as well as tyre manufacturers and dealers.

The key features include: Downloadable Excel spreadsheet template that provides tyre administration data table; Easy data migration as with the Excel spreadsheet the user could migrate previous data to the template and view results; Tyre Logic Analysis: The system algorithm could help identify errors in the data table i.e. Serial number mismatch, improper odometer reading, documentation error; User could upload the Excel spreadsheet after rectifying the error, without affecting operations; and Reporting: System could help generate tyre cost ranking and truck tyre service records to help user understand tyre cost at a glance.

The advantages and benefits of Pro Tyre Admin are described as: Stolen Tyre: System could detect stolen tyres by capturing tyre in/out record; Tyre Cost Billboard: System helps to identify vehicles that incur highest tyre cost; and Tyre Casing’s Multi-life: System could capture casing’s multi-life mileage by the serial number and knowing which tyre last best in terms of cost per km (CPK).

“It uses serial numbers to keep track of your tyres from cradle to grave. It’s like an inventory system as it could tell you whether the tyre is on the wheel, in the warehouse, or being sent to the re-tread factory or scrap,” said Sia.

Pro Tyre Admin could also provide data on mileage performance, how long the tyre lasts, and identify good and bad drivers. As such, we could identify areas of improvement to improve driver driving skills,” he added.

There was also a lack of suitable TMS software and systems in the market. “Either they are too expensive or they do not suit the operation of the local market. Most of the TMS in the market are ready-made systems. With Pro Tyre Admin, we could customise it based on the clients’ requirements,” said Sia.

“To get started with Pro Tyre Admin is easy. You don’t need to invest on hardware as this is a Cloud-based system. It could be accessed anywhere, anytime with a stable Internet connection,” he explained.

Pro Tyre Admin was also renowned for its user-friendly interface, with simple and straight-forward customisable function buttons that are easy for drivers to use. He said training would be provided to customers, drivers and supervisors.

“Pro Tyre Admin charges are based on per tyre or by purchasing tyres that come with the Pro Tyre Admin packages; so, if you retread your tyres more, the cost is cheaper,” Sia added.

Pro Sales & Marketing Consultancy also works closely with Casumina Tyre (M) Sdn Bhd, which is a distributor for Casumina tyres in Malaysia, and HA Tyres Marketing Sdn Bhd that distributes Bridgestone and Pirelli tyres – Sia is also one of the directors in this company.

“The Casumina and Pirelli tyre dealers are using the Pro Tyre Admin system as it generates easy-to-read reports that help them make better business decisions. They can do comparisons with other tyre brands in terms of performance,” said Sia.

Pro Sales & Marketing Consultancy also provides 24/7 nationwide breakdown support and the Pro Rescue Team’s coverage areas are Johor Bahru, Klang Valley, Seremban, and Kuantan. At the same time, it provides strong coverage across other regions with its appointed panel of ‘reliable’ breakdown service providers who deliver support to the nearest possible truck with tyre problems.

Sia re-iterated that the tyre was the 2nd most important asset after lorry costs and tyre costs were much higher than expected. Buying cheaper tyres did not mean saving money, neither did changing to cheaper brands. He advised fleet owners to start managing tyre cost to lower operational expenditure and they could contact Pro Sales & Marketing Consultancy to find out more.

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