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Omnimatics to Expand into Commercial Vehicle Segment

Omnimatics Commercial Vehicle Segment

Established by Raj Kissu in 2015, Omnimatics Sdn Bhd is a young and dynamic telematics company. In a short span of time, the company has come up with innovative ideas to solve issues faced by today’s fleet owners.

Omnimatics to Enter Commercial Vehicle Segment

Established by Raj Kissu in 2015, Omnimatics Sdn Bhd is a young and dynamic telematics company. In a short span of time, the company has come up with innovative ideas to solve issues faced by today’s fleet owners.

Kissu is a software engineer by profession. He worked part-time when he was still studying. Since his graduation in 2009, he was involved in startups for various industries. His wide range of past experiences includes providing asset management and tracking Software as a Service (SaaS) for the aviation industry and development operations (DevOps) consulting for the general IT industry.

“I quit my job in early 2015 and started to drive for Uber and Grab. I realised then that it was important for me to make sure that my car was well maintained for the safety of passengers and myself. I started to wonder if there was a way to know what was wrong with the car, or when parts needed to be replaced. Well, I found out that this technology had been available in cars since 1996. Through data analysis from the vehicle’s on-board computer one could roughly predict when the cars might break down and when you need to change certain vehicle parts,” said Kissu, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Omnimatics.

However, he continued, a feature that was leveraged greatly in the US and Europe was not the case in Malaysia. In fact, support for this was not available only in Malaysia but in Southeast Asia as a whole.

“I got interested and wanted to set up my own business. Initially, I was running the business alone and on a pre-seed by ‘Watchtower and Friends’, a locally-based technology accelerator group. The first 18 months were really difficult – I have the ideas and technology but limited funding. My passion and perseverance finally convinced APM and they decided to invest in me.”

CARdio – Joint Effort

Kissu’s ideals and technology were soon noticed by the APM Group. In 2017, APM Automotive Holdings Bhd acquired a 52-per cent stake in Omnimatics. This not only fuelled the growth of Omnimatics without having to worry about funding, but saw a pooling of resources, tapping into each other’s expertise and knowledge, and creating value and synergies by combining complementary strengths.

“The introduction of CARdio as the industry’s pioneering plug-n-play telematics product targeted at the consumer market and fleet businesses was the fruit of our joint effort. Besides APM, we also work closely with their partners like KPIT as well as companies under the Tan Chong Motor Group.

CARdio would monitor an extensive list of data points including, but not limited to, vehicle health, speed, route, collision and fuel economy. He said the basic features of CARdio covered driver behaviour/scoring, vehicle/trip scoring, trip history, geofencing, reports and diagnostic information depending on vehicle make and model such as battery level, engine temperature and mileage. Optional features included vehicle immobilisation, fuel monitoring and multi-feature relay box.

“We do not believe in a ‘one size fit all’ approach when it comes to providing the right solution for our customers. Thus, we listen carefully to understand their objectives, the number and specification of their vehicles and trailers in the fleet, what they carry and how they operate. We then apply our combined expertise and customise the features according to their requirements and needs such as vehicle/driver criteria customisation, custom reports, lock actuators/car control features, panic/SOS button, advanced driver assistance system and many other areas upon request.”

Affordable and Reliable

Currently, Omnimatics has installed more than a thousand units of CARdio into vehicles owned by Mayflower and GoCar, which currently use them to track their vehicle location.

Mayflower is a travel service specialist that had been operating in Malaysia since 1969. The company owns more than 4,000 vehicles comprising luxurious air-conditioned coaches, tour vans, cars and limousines. Its arms extend to leasing, chauffeur services and coach. GoCar is a car sharing platform; an alternative to traditional and car rental services and buying a car. One could book, unlock and quickly access a car directly from his/her smartphone.

“Both Mayflower and GoCar are under the Tan Chong Group; thus our customers are mainly our sister companies. This comprises 40 per cent of commercial vehicles and 60 per cent passenger car users. Now, we are looking to expand our services from internal to external fleet companies, especially in the commercial vehicle sector where we see great potential.”

Compared to other fleet management systems, he said CARdio’s pricing was competitive with better visual design and experience. “We are targeting small and medium fleet owners as we could help them achieve better road safety through understanding their employees’ drive patterns and behaviour, speed, keeping track of their vehicles as well as monitoring the fuel economy and vehicle condition at an affordable price. This gives them peace of mind and allows them to focus on their core business.”

The company offers 4 fleet management packages that provide the users the option of with and without service contract, from more than 12 months without contract commitment and the 2 years and 3 years contract. In addition, upgrading of the existing features is free of charge.

“We recognise that our customers need the flexibility and the best value proposition. For instance, they could opt not to use our call centre if they already have one or the size of their fleet is very small.”

Currently, the company promotes its system through social media. However, he said there were plans to have an official launch in the second or third quarter of next year.

“We are working on making remote video monitoring capabilities more affordable, which is currently a premium feature and which restricts access of it to the market. We believe that we would be able to officially introduce it to benefit the majority of the industry sometime next year.”

Log on to for the Omnimatics fleet plans.

Omnimatics 向商用车领域扩展

2015年由基苏山 (Raj Kissu )创立的Omnimatics, 是家年轻又充满活力的远程信息处理公司 。该公司在很短的时间里,以其创新的想法解决了今天车队车主所面对的问题 。

基苏山是一名工程师。他在念书的时候就开始兼职。2009年毕业后,他曾参与各行各业的新创公司 。他广泛的经验包括为航空行业提供资产管理及追踪软件即服务(Saas)和为一般的IT 行业提供开发作业(DevOps) 咨询。

“ 我在2015年初辞职,当起了 Uber 和 Grab司机。我意识到为了自身和乘客的安全,确保车子维护良好非常重要的。我开始想有没有什么方法能够知道车子出现了什么问题,或者车子哪些零部件需要更换。结果我发现早在1996年就已经有了这样的技术。透过分析车子车载电脑所取得的数据 ,我们能够大概预测车子什么时候会发生故障和哪些车子的零部件需要更换。”Omnimatics 首席执行员基苏山表示。


“我为此大感兴趣,并想要创立自己的公司。最初我一个人打理公司,接种基金来自本地技术加速集团 –“ Watchtower and Friends ” 。前18个月真的非常辛苦 –我拥有想法和技术,但是资金有限。我的热诚和坚持最终说服了APM, 他们决定投资于我。”

CARdio – 共同的努力

基苏山的想法和技术很快获得APM 集团的注意。2017年,APM 汽车控股有限公司收购了Omnimatics 52% 的股份。这使他无需担心资金,不仅促进了Omnimatics的增长,也汇集了资源, 让他们可以相互利用彼此的专门技能和知识,结合互补的力量,创造价值和协作。

“以消费者市场和车队业务为目标,CARdio,即插即用的开拓性远程信息处理产品的推介,就是我们相互合作的果实。除了APM,我们也和他们的伙伴如KPIT ,以及其他的陈唱汽车集团旗下的公司密切合作。”

CARdio 能够监督广泛的数据点包括,但不局限于汽车健康、速度、路线、碰撞及燃油经济。他说,CARdio 的基本功能包括司机行为/记分、车辆/行程记分、行程历史、地理围栏、按汽车品牌和车款的报告/诊断信息如电池情况、引擎温度和里程数。可选功能包括汽车停驶、燃油监测及多功能继电盒。

“我们不相信单凭一种通用系统就能为客户提供最佳解决方案的做法。因此,我们仔细聆听以了解他们的目标 、车队里的车辆和拖车数量和规格,以及他们运载物和运营。然后我们运用我们结合起来的专门技能,按照客户的需求如车辆/司机标准来度身制造、定制报告、锁定执行器/汽车控制功能、紧急SOS 按钮 、高级驾驶辅助系统等其他的要求,量身打造该系统的功能。”


目前,Omnimatics 已将超过1千台的CARdio 安装在Mayflower 和GoCar 的车辆上,他们采用该系统来追踪这些车子的所在 。


“Mayflower 和GoCar 都附属于陈唱集团,因此我们的客户主要来自我们的姐妹公司。这包括40% 的商用车用户和60% 的轿车用户。如今,我们想要扩充我们的服务,从公司内部客户延伸到姐妹公司以外的车队公司,特别是富有巨大潜能的商用车领域。”

他说,相比于其他的车队管理系统,  CARdio 的价格极具竞争能力,而且拥有更好的视觉设计和 使用经验 。“我们的目标是中小型的车队车主,以实惠的价格,帮助他们透过了解员工的驾驶模式和行为速度达到更好的道路安全 ,跟踪他们的车辆,监测燃油经济和车辆状况 。这让他们能够安心地聚焦在他们的核心业务上。”



目前,该公司透过社交媒体推广他们的系统。然而,他说,他们计划在明年的第二和第三季举行正式 的发布会。


登录https://omnimatics.io查询更多有关Omnimatics 卡车计划的资讯。

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