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Angka-Tan Motor Launches JMC Vigus Pro 4×4 Pick Up Truck

Angka-Tan Motor JMC Vigus Pro

The new JMC Vigus Pro represents a new value proposition among pick-up trucks sold in Malaysia.

JMC Vigus Pro Developed with Premium Engineering

Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd (ATM) is challenging the status quo in the popular one-tonne pick-up truck segment with the all-new JMC Vigus Pro – a 4WD pick-up truck that’s stylish, versatile, yet surprisingly affordable.

Starting at RM 98,888 on the road, excluding insurance for Peninsular Malaysia and RM100,888 for East Malaysia, the Vigus Pro represents a new value proposition among pick-up trucks sold in Malaysia.

“We at Angka-Tan Motor are thrilled to welcome a new brand and an all-new model. The JMC Vigus Pro is a stylish and versatile pick-up truck developed with premium engineering. Whether it’s for work or play, the Vigus Pro is ready to meet the demanding requirements of pick-up truck users in Malaysia after proving itself as the second best-selling pick-up truck in the Chinese market,” said Tan Keng Meng, CEO of Warisan TC Holdings Bhd and Executive Director of Angka-Tan Motor.

Powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged Puma diesel engine, the Vigus Pro features a high-pressure common-rail fuel injection system, variable geometry turbocharger, intercooler and EGR cooler bypass valve to produce an output of 141PS at 3,600rpm and 340Nm from 1,500rpm to 2,600rpm. It is mated to an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission.

In the Vigus Pro, the 8-speed automatic is operated through an electronic gear selector with manual shift mode function. This refined powertrain returns excellent fuel consumption of 7.8L/100km (UNECE R101 testing), making the Vigus Pro one of the most fuel-efficient one-tonne pick-up trucks currently sold in Malaysia.

Other features include slim headlamps, plus a distinctive C-shape LED daylights, a lower bumper guard, 3D tail lamps and an integrated high-mount third brake lamp. The vehicle also has side steps, auto-folding wing mirrors with LED indicators, two-tone 16-inch alloy wheels, an electronic gearshift selector, an 8-inch colour touch-screen, and other useful features.

Superior Traction

To ensure stability on various challenging surfaces, the Vigus Pro is built on a robust ladder frame capable of a maximum load of 850kg. The rigid structure is also designed to absorb impact forces in the event of a crash. The front suspension is a fully-independent double-wishbone design with a reinforced stabiliser bar, where the rear rests on a solid axle with leaf springs for superior load-bearing capability and durability.

The off-road performance of the Vigus Pro is governed by a 4WD system developed by BorgWarner. Users can switch between 2WD, 4WD and low-range 4WD modes via a rotary dial to cater to changing surface conditions. The rear axle is also fitted with an Eaton limited-slip differential lock which can channel torque to the wheel with superior traction when wheel slippage is encountered.

Additionally, the Vigus Pro is also equipped with Hill Descent Control which automatically modulates the braking of vehicles when going downhill on steep slopes (up to 8km/h), thus allowing the driver to focus on manoeuvring the truck. Other features such as Hill Start Assist, ABS with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution and the Electronic Stability Program with Traction Control also come standard on the Vigus Pro.

Covered by a 3-year/100,000km warranty, whichever comes first, the Vigus Pro is available in four different colours – Steady Brown, Solid White, Brilliant Silver and Glossy Black.

“The past 18 months have been a challenging period for everyone, and we are grateful for the co-operation and support accorded to us by Jiangling Motors Company (JMC) as well as the Tan Chong Group in making the JMC Vigus Pro a reality. Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude and congratulate Mayflower Car Rental Sdn Bhd for becoming our pilot fleet customer with an initial order of 30 units of the Vigus Pro. Their trust and confidence is a strong testament to the Vigus Pro and ATM,” said Tan.

“When Angka-Tan Motor first approached and worked with us, we were quickly convinced by the Vigus Pro’s attractive styling and premium features. We had no hesitation in placing an order for 30 units to add to our growing fleet of high-quality vehicles,” added Abdul Rahman Mohamad, General Manager of Mayflower Car Rental.

The JMC Vigus Pro is locally assembled at the modern Tan Chong Motor plant in Serendah, Selangor. It is now offering viewing and test drives across 13 ATM dealerships across the nation with a complementing network of 13 aftersales services workshops.

New vehicle deliveries to customers are expected to commence at the end of October 2021.

Angka-Tan Motor推出JMC Vigus Pro四驱皮卡车

Angka-Tan Motor 私人有限公司(ATM) 推出一款集时尚、多功能且价格实惠于一体的四驱皮卡 –江铃(JMC)Vigus Pro,挑战大马受欢迎的1吨皮卡细分市场。

全新Vigus Pro的上路价(不含车险)分别为98,888令吉(西马)和100,888令吉(东马)。

华丽山陈唱控股首席执行长兼Angka-Tan Motor执行董事陈庆明表示:“我们 Angka-Tan Motor 很高兴迎来一个全新的品牌和车款。 JMC Vigus Pro 是一款采用优秀工艺打造的时尚多功能皮卡。这款在中国通过销量排名第二证明了实力,工作娱乐都表现卓越的皮卡,已准备好满足马来西亚皮卡车用户的苛刻要求。”

Vigus Pro搭载Puma 2.0升涡轮增压 柴油引擎,采用高压共轨燃油喷射系 统、可变涡轮增压器、中冷器和 EGR 冷却器,可在3,600rpm的转速下产生141匹最大马力,并在1,500-2,600rpm 时可达 340牛顿米的峰值扭矩。它配备 8 速 ZF 自动变速箱。

带手动换挡功能的Vigus Pro 8 速自动变速箱支持电子档杆。这种精制的动力系统带来了 7.8 升/100 公里的出色油耗(UNECE R101 测试),使 Vigus Pro 成为目前马来西亚最省油的一吨皮卡车之一。

其他的功能包括纤细的前大灯、独特的 C 形 LED 日间行车灯、较低的保险杠护罩、3D 尾灯和高位第三刹车灯。该车还配备车侧踏板、带 LED 指示灯的自动折叠后视镜、双色调 16寸铝合金轮毂、电子档杆、8 寸彩色触摸屏等。


为确保在各种挑战性路况的稳定行驶,Vigus Pro 采用坚固的梯形车架,最大载重量可达 850 公斤。高刚性的结构可在发生碰撞时吸收冲击力。前悬挂采用带有加强型稳定杆的双横臂独立悬架,后悬挂位于带有板簧的实心轴上,具有出色的承载能力和耐用性。

Vigus Pro 的越野性能由博格华纳开发的 4WD 系统控制。用户可通过旋转拨盘在 2WD、4WD 和低档 4WD 模式之间切换,以适应不断变化的路况。后轴还配备了伊顿限滑差速锁,当遇到车轮打滑时,可以将扭矩传递到具有出色牵引力的车轮上。

此外,Vigus Pro 还配备了下坡控制系统,可在陡坡(最高 8 公里/小时)下坡时自动调节车辆的制动,从而让驾驶员专注于操纵卡车。其他如坡道起步辅助、带电子制动力分配的 ABS 和带牵引力控制的电子稳定程序等,也是 Vigus Pro 的标准配置。

Vigus Pro 享有 3 年或100,000 公里保修,视何者为先。它拥有四种不同颜色 – 褐色、白色、银色和黑色。

陈庆明表示:“过去的 18 个月对每个人来说都充满着挑战,我们感谢江铃汽车股份有限公司和陈唱集团给予我们的合作和支持,让我们能够将Vigus Pro顺利引进大马。此外,我们感谢五月花租赁私人有限公司(Mayflower Car Rental Sdn Bhd)向我们订购了 30 辆 Vigus Pro,成为了公司的首个试点车队客户。他们的信任和信心是对 Vigus Pro 和 ATM 最好的认可。”

“当 Angka-Tan Motor 第一次与我们接洽时,我们很快就被 Vigus Pro 迷人的造型和高端的功能所打动。我们毫不犹豫地订购了 30 辆汽车,并将它们添加到我们不断增长的高质量的车队中。”五月花汽车租赁总经理阿都拉曼(Abdul Rahman Mohamad) 补充说。

由Tan Chong Motor位于雪兰莪 Serendah现代化工厂组装的JMC Vigus Pro 已到店。有兴趣者可莅临全国 13 家 ATM 代理商处品鉴和试驾。此外,该公司在全马拥有 13 个售后服务中心。

该公司预计将于2021 年 10 月下旬开始向客户交付新车。

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