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NSLOA Trucking Carnival 2023

NSLOA Trucking Carnival 2023
NSLOA Trucking Carnival 2023

The Negeri Sembilan Lorry Operators’ Association (NSLOA) recently organised a trucking carnival at the Regent Hall, Seremban in conjunction with its 88th anniversary.

Transport Companies Showcase Respective Products in NSLOA Trucking Carnival

Held on 19th August, the event gained the support from the local trucking industry. The participating transport companies took the chance to showcase their respective products and services, and the carnival ended with a gala dinner that was fully participated by 1300 guests.

Guest of honour Transport Minister Anthony Loke said when he returned to the ministry after the unity government was formed, he was relieved to see that some of the changes he made in 2018 were still intact. An example was the increase in axle weight having already yielded a positive outcome. The move to remove the AD Valorem Registration Fee (AVRF) for locally-made trailers and semi- trailers in 2019 also helped the locally-manufactured trailers to compete with imported rigs as the AVRF that was charged on top of the sales tax made the former more expensive against the latter…..

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当晚主宾交通部长陆兆福表示,在联合政府成立后他回到交通部,很欣慰地看到他在2018年做出的一些改变仍然存在。其中一个例子就是轴载重量的提高已经带来了正面的效果。接着,2019年取消本地制造的拖车和半挂车的从价注册费 (AVRF)举措,也有助于提高本地制造的拖车的竞争力,因为在征收销售税之外再收取AVRF将致使本地制造的拖车售价比进口的贵……..


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