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NSLOA Trucking Carnival Makes Strong Comeback

The two-day carnival was held on 28th and 29th September at D’Tempat Country Club and saw the participation of 26 local and international sponsors and exhibitors from the heavy vehicle industry. 

Second Trucking Carnival by NSLOA

The Negeri Sembilan Lorry Operator’s Association (NSLOA) organised its second trucking carnival in Seremban recently after a seven-year hiatus. The two-day carnival was held on 28th and 29th September at D’Tempat Country Club and saw the participation of 26 local and international sponsors and exhibitors from the heavy vehicle industry. 

Negeri Sembilan Chief Minister Aminuddin Harun lauded the NSLOA for bringing an exhibition of such a scale back to Seremban and for its effort in helping to improve and reenergise the transport and trucking industry in the state. 

The carnival featured an impressive showcase of products and services by the participating transport companies. Among the highlights were informative seminars on truck safety presented by SKF Malaysia, Guardian South East Asia Pte Ltd and Hong Seng Group on the first day. 

Two importance announcements from Minister of Transport

The event culminated with a gala dinner on the second night attended by Anthony Loke Siew Fook, Malaysia’s Minister of Transport, in conjunction with NSLOA’s celebration of its 84th anniversary. Loke reaffirmed the Ministry’s commitment to continue working with NSLOA and other transport associations to bring about efficiency and cost reduction in the industry and resolve problems in regulations and enforcements. 

Loke made two important announcements during the dinner. He said the Transport Ministry had decided to increase the loading limit for the respective category of commercial vehicles and this would take effect in a month’s time. The weight limit for two axles lorry would be increased from 18 to 19 tonnes, three axles lorry from 26 to 27 tonnes, three axles (articulated) lorry from 30 to 31 tonnes, four axles lorry from 37 to 39 tonnes and six axles lorry from 44 to 50 tonnes. The increase in weight limit, he pointed out, would allow the operators to optimise and maximise the goods transported, reducing the number of trips and improving cost effectiveness. 

“However,” he continued, “the increase in weight limit would only be enforced in Peninsular Malaysia because Sabah and Sarawak are still undergoing the improvement in quality of the roads and bridges.”

Apart from that, he said, for a locally assembled truck body, one had to pay an ad-valorem tax when the truck is registered in Peninsular Malaysia, which accounted for 11 per cent of the vehicle’s cost. But, the imported truck body was not subjected to this tax. 

“After a dialogue with the local truck body builders, we found out that this tax has a direct impact on their business as it affects their competitiveness. We have submitted the request of eliminating this tax in the upcoming Malaysia budget to the Ministry of Finance.”  

Loke also took the opportunity to announce that the Ministry of Transport had allocated RM10,000 for NSLOA

Lee Hung Yang, President of NSLOA, said: “Road freight transport is the backbone of trade and commerce and lorries function as an important part of the logistic chain. As one of Malaysia’s oldest lorry operator association, we want to set an example as a progressive association that could help safeguard our members’ interest and help them compete locally and internationally. We would continue to work collaboratively with both the public and private sector to ensure our members’ voice is heard and well represented in discussions with government agencies, suppliers and customers.” 

He explained that NSLOA would carry out several improvements this year to enable its members to remain competitive and help enhance the standard in the trucking industry. Among some of the changes was the debut of NSLOA’s website that would provide vital information to its members related to the trucking industry. Members could log in to get information about meetings with government agencies and upcoming seminar and events, as well as view training and transport-related articles. 

“We see the importance of maintaining a close connection with our suppliers, members and customers. By introducing our new office bearers in this carnival as well as providing a platform for market players to meet and mingle, we hope it would be an opportunity for everyone to get to know us better,” Lee concluded.





在阔别7年后,森美兰罗里同业公会(NSLOA) 近日在森州主办第二届卡车与零件展销会(Trucking Carnival) 。此为期两天(92829日)的展销会是在D’Tempat 乡村俱乐部举行,吸引了来自重型汽车行业的26家本地和国际赞助商和参展公司。 

森美兰州务大臣阿米努丁(Aminuddin Harun)赞扬森美兰罗里公会将如此大规模的展销会带到芙蓉,并认可该公会协助改善和为该州的运输行业注入新活力。 

此次的展销会展出许多令人印象深刻的产品和服务。其中的重点包括第一天由马来西亚SKFGuardian 东南亚私人有限公司及丰成集团主讲的卡车安全研讨会。 





此外,他表示,本地组装的车身在马来西亚半岛注册时需要支付从价注册费(ad-valorem tax),而该注册费占了车子成本的11% 。相反地,进口的车身则无需支付该费用。 

















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