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Newera Introduces Cemb C330 Digital Truck Wheel Balancer

Newera Cemb Digital Truck Wheel

Featuring a modern and attractive design, the Cemb C330 is a new digital balancing machine suitable for truck, bus and car.

Cemb C330 Now Available in Malaysia

Newera Equipment Supply Sdn Bhd recently added the latest Cemb C330, a new digital balancing machine suitable for truck, bus and car wheels up to 200kg, to its product offerings.

“Featuring a modern and attractive design, the Cemb C330 comes with a sturdy weight tray, improved space optimisation and wide availability of programmes, making it the most complete solution in its category,” said Senior Product Manager Alex Tiu.

The new digital truck wheel balancer’s core technology, he pointed out, consisted of an LA Sonar device for automatic wheel width measurement without any contact and laser line to facilitate the correct positioning of the adhesive counterweights in the 6 o’clock position to increase balancing accuracy. Cemb patented the VDD very quick and maintenance free measurement system, electromagnetic brake for locking the wheel in an exact weight position to facilitate the balancing procedure as well as software programmes developed by Cemb for professional tyre centre operators – SPLIT, OPT and ALU.……

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现代推出Cemb C330数字卡车轮胎平衡机

现代轮胎设备私人有限公司近期将最新的Cemb C330,一款适用于重达 200 公斤的卡车、巴士及汽车轮胎的新型数字平衡机,添加至其产品供应中。

高级产品经理张建裕说:“Cemb C330的设计既现代化又充满吸引力,配备坚固的重量托盘、优化的空间改善和广泛的平衡程序,使它成为同类产品中最完整的解决方案。”

他指出,新的数字卡车轮胎平衡机的核心技术包括LA Sonar,可无接触,自动测量轮胎宽度,激光束可协助在六点钟位置粘贴砝码,提高平衡精度。Cemb为VDD非常快速且免维护的测量系统申请了专利,带电磁制动器将轮胎锁在精确的配重位置以促进平衡程序,以及Cemb为专业轮胎中心操作员开发的软件程序 – SPLIT、OPT 和 ALU 。

他补充说:“除此之外,Cemb C330还配备了一个扩展量规,用于测量高达32寸的轮辋直径和距离ALU-S 平衡模式(轮辋内部平面上的粘合砝码)和特定配重位置指示器。宽敞而坚固的配重托盘拥有不同的存放隔间,可容纳锥体、夹式砝码、ALU粘贴式砝码和锤子…..”


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