Cemb C212 Universal Digital Balancer for Cars and Trucks

Newera Equipment Supply Sdn Bhd

C212 is Cemb’s universal wheel balancer. With its 40mm shaft, it can handle both car and truck wheels.

Newera Introduces Cemb with Easy to Read Digital Display 

Featuring two separate programmes to perform calculations for the two different modes, the Cemb ‘minisation of residual static unbalance’ programme is always present.

Newera Equipment Supply Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Cemb wheel balancers in Malaysia, introduced the new C212 universal digital balancer recently. It has a clear, simple and easy to read digital display and high luminosity LEDs.....

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Cemb C212 轿车与卡车通用数字平衡机 




现代轮胎机器有限公司,Cemb的马来西亚独家经销商,近日引进了全新的C212 通用数字轮胎平衡机。它具有高亮度LED,清晰简单,容易读取的数字显示器.....。



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