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MPSI Innovation Day 2019

MPSI Innovation Day 2019

MPSI Innovation day 2019 was officiated by Malaysia Transport Minister Anthony Loke with good attendance.

MPSI Steel Industries Showcases Latest Products and Innovations

MPSI Steel Industries Sdn Bhd recently hosted its MPSI Innovation Day 2019 at EX8, Subang Jaya. Held on 22nd August, the event was officiated by Malaysia Transport Minister Anthony Loke with good attendance from the customers, suppliers, guests, representatives from three local vocational schools and media.

Established in 1991, Shah Alam-based MPSI Steel Industries is actively involved in the manufacture of motor vehicle parts and transportation equipment. The event was to showcase its latest products and innovations as well as keep in touch with existing and potential customers.

“Over the years, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to witness the progress of the European commercial vehicle industry through my work with our partners and suppliers in Europe. It gives us the idea, vision, courage and drive to do things right for our customers and the industry. In the last two-and-a-half years, we focused on market studies and research to identify suitable partners who were willing to help us innovate with better design and increase the safety content of semi‐trailers and road tankers. Today, we are here to share our small achievement with everyone and celebrate the team effort that made it happen. Up to date, we have successfully equipped 307 trailers and tankers with ECE compliant side protection bar for our customers,” said Managing Director Dato’ Sean Chan during his opening speech.

Abolishment of AVRF Enables Equal Ground Competition

He praised the current government for its great efforts in redefining existing road transport policies such as the National Transport Policy (2018-2030), abolishment of AVRF fees, increase of axle load on commercial vehicle and many more. “All these provide us a better environment to grow and compete on a more equal ground. For the last 15 years, the total Ad Valorem Registration Fee (AVRF) that the logistics companies paid amounted to about RM230 million. With the abolishment of AVRF fees from locally-made trailer and semi-trailer trucks from 1st July this year, the logistics companies would now save nearly RM25 million per year and hundreds of millions in the future.”

Dato’ Chan also pointed out the areas that the policy maker and industry need to work hand in hand. These included regulating the lateral protection bar and rear protection bumper according to the industry standard to protect more motorists and pedestrian from being injured and losing their lives; standardising commercial vehicle lighting in compliance to automobile standards such as the ECE; improving the visibility of the vehicle moving direction during day and night; enforcing minimum safety features such as Anti-lock Braking (ABS) on all commercial vehicles to avoid skidding during emergency braking as well as reduce aquaplaning risk when it is raining, and preventing overloading as an overloaded truck required a longer distance to stop.

“As for the manufacturers, they need to continue to innovate on their products. For instance, come out with an efficient vehicle design – lighter vehicle body for better payload – and data driven solutions.”

Latest Products and Innovations

On display were the ALX Series Petroleum Tanker, Z Series Dry Bulk Tanker, SKEL Series Skeleton ISO Container Trailer, P6 Series Curtain Sider Trailer and MV45 Series Side Loader Trailer.

According to Senior Technical Sales Manager Shamus Wong, the products that the company showcased during the event were all equipped with ECE compliant safety features.

“The ALX Series Petroleum Tanker is our new product, featuring lightweight barrel design that meets European dangerous good transportation requirement UN/ADR, high grade aluminium alloy material, latest TEBS braking system (WABCO), ECE R73 compliant aluminium side, R58 rear protection system (Takler), ECE compliant LED lamps (WAS) and ADR approved wiring (OLFLEX).”

Launched last year, the Z Series Dry Bulk Tanker, he said, had its design patented with Industrial Design Malaysia. Built with high tensile steel, it has a maximised volume of 42m3, low centre of gravity, great tank profile and better load distribution. The show unit was equipped with premium accessories and safety features. It met ASME Unfired Pressure Vessel Standard and Malaysia DOSH requirement.

Meanwhile, the P6 Series Curtain Sider Trailer, he pointed out, was ideal for transporting palletise goods. “The curtain sider trailer is our core product and this P6 Series is a new facelift in 2019. Featuring a Structureflex user-friendly side curtain system, it is also equipped with ECE compliant side protection device, lighting system, lightweight toolbox and mudguards. Another facelift model in 2019 is the SKEL Series Skeleton ISO Container Trailer that boasts ECE compliant side protection device, lighting system and lightweight mudguards.”

Last but not least was the MV45 Series Side Loaded Trailer that the company launched last year. Wong said MPSI was Valart side loader’s sole distributor for both the Malaysia and Singapore markets.

Valart has 40 years of experience in side loader manufacturing. The EN 12999 Loader Crane is designed according to the European standard, with a lifting capacity of up to 40 tonnes. It is able to transport two 20-feet or a single 40-feet ISO container. Last year, we imported the full unit but from this year onwards, we have started to include some local content.”

2019年MPSI 创新日

MPSI 钢铁工业私人有限公司近日于梳邦再也EX8,主办2019年MPSI创新日。这个于8月22日盛大举行的活动,由马来西亚交通部长陆兆福主持开幕,吸引众多客户、供应商、嘉宾,以及来自本地3 家技职学院的代表莅临。


“这些年来,我很幸运能有机会透过工作与我们在欧洲的伙伴和供应商,见证欧洲商用车工业的进展 。它让我有了想法、愿景、勇气及动力,为我们的客户和行业做正确的事。在过去的两年至两年半里,我们将注意力放在市场研究上,辨识出合适的伙伴,协助我们创新,提供更好的半挂车和公路罐车设计和提高它们的安全配备。今天,我们在这里与大家一同分享我们的小成就和庆祝我们团队的努力成果。截至目前为止,我们成功装配了307辆牵引车和罐车,这些车辆都具有符合ECE标准的侧面保护杆。”董事经理拿督Sean Chua在致欢迎辞时表示。


他称赞当今政府在重新定义现有交通政策方面所付出的努力,如国家交通政策(2018-2030)、取消车斗征收从价注册费(AVRF)、提高商用车轴载重量等。“这种种措施,为我们提供了一个更好的增长环境和带来平等竞争。在过去的15年里,物流公司所支付的车斗征收从价注册费的总额高达2亿3千万令吉。政府在今年7月1日取消向本地制造的牵引车和半挂车征收从价注册费后,物流公司如今每年能够节省近2,500 万令吉,并能够在未来节省好几千万令吉。

他也指出执政者应与业者相互合作,包括按照行业标准规定保护杆和后保险杆的使用 ,保护驾驶人和行人免于受伤和死亡、将商用车照明系统标准化,使之符合ECE规定、改善日间和夜间车辆行驶方向的可见度。此外,还可在所有商用车上制定最低安全配备如防锁死制动系统(ABS) ,避免在紧急制动情况下打滑,以及在下雨时降低失控打滑的危险。最后,尽可能避免超载,因为一辆超载的卡车需要更长的制动距离。

“至于制造商,他们需要继续创新他们的产品。比如,提供更高效的车辆设计—更轻的车身,带来更好装载量 ,还有推出以数据主导的解决方案。”


该公司在该活动上展出的产品有ALX系列油罐车、Z系列干货罐车、SKEL系列ISO集装箱拖车骨架  、P6系列侧帘布拖车 及MV45 系列侧面装载机拖车。


“ALX系列油罐车是我们的最新产品,轻量化,符合欧洲UN/ADR危险货物运输要求的罐体设计。采用高级铝合金制成,配备最先进TEBS制动系统(WABCO)、符合ECE R73 的铝面、R58后保护系统(Takler)、符合ECE标准的LED车灯(WAS)及ADR认可的布线等。”

他说,去年推介的Z系列干货罐车,拥有马来西亚工业设计专利权。采用高强度的钢铁制成,它具有42m3的最大容量、重心低、良好的外观和更好的负荷分配。现场展示的干货罐车则拥有优质配件和安全配备。它符合ASME 未燃压力容器标准和马来西亚DOSH要求。


最后是该公司去年发布的MV45系列侧面装载机拖车 。黄俊涛说,MPSI是Valart侧面装载机在马来西亚和新加坡市场的独家经销商。

“Valart 拥有40年制造侧面装载机的经验。其型号EN 12999的起重机符合欧洲设计标准,举升能力达40吨 。它可运输两个20尺或一个40尺的ISO集装箱。去年,我们进口整个单位,但从今年起该设备的某些部分已经开始在本地生产了。”

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