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Mpire Asia and Foton China Jointly Introduce Foton View C2 & CS2 Vans ‘3E’ Position

Mpire Asia Foton China

Both View C2 and View CS2 vans are labelled as 3E products, namely Ease, Efficient and Excellent.

Mpire Asia Aims to Deliver 3E to its Customers

In the first half of 2018, Mpire Asia Sdn Bhd was appointed by Foton – the largest commercial vehicle brand in China – as its distributor in Malaysia.

The newly launched View C2 panel van is seen as being comparable with the top-selling Japanese panel van. Indeed, the View C2 panel van manufactured by Foton is said to surpass the specification of the favourite Japanese marque panel van by offering the Euro IV diesel engine compared to the lower ranked diesel engine.

The View CS2 window van is yet another masterpiece produced by Foton, with a length of up to 6 meters and 18 seats (17+1) coupled with latest Cummins 2,800cc Euro IV turbo-diesel engine that caters to transporting tourist with ample luggage space as well as being suitable for ferrying factory workers and students on a large scale.

Both View C2 and View CS2 vans are labelled as 3E products, namely Ease, Efficient and Excellent. ‘Ease’ is stipulated as impeccable product quality with minimum issues. With high confidence on product quality, Foton and Mpire Asia jointly introduced the 5 years or 150,000km warranty in conjunction with a wide service network that covers all the states in Malaysia.

The 2nd E represents ‘Efficiency’ in that both View C2 and View CS2 come with lower maintenance cost, in which the 1,000km to 100,000km service schedule merely costs about RM5,600. In return this leads to a lower operation cost for customers and eventually benefits them with higher profitability, thus enhancing competitive advantage. On top of that, Mpire Asia says it provides top-notch technical support by offering well-trained and experienced technicians.

The 3rd E represents ‘Excellent’ based on the green engine status achieved by both View C2 and View CS2; this leads to a lower road tax and decline in emission level for a more sustainable ecosystem. Moreover, with the certainty on product excellence, it would mean a lower down time and this leads to a higher throughput and higher productivity.

Mpire Asia is determined to deliver the 3E to its View C2 and CS2 customers.

Mpire Asia 和中国福田联手推介福田View C2 和CS2 “3E”地位

2018年上半年,中国最大的汽车品牌福田委任Mpire Asia私人有限公司为其在马来西亚的经销商。

最新推出的View C2 厢式客货车可与最畅销的日本厢式客货车相媲美。的确,福田生产的View C2在规格上已经超越了最受欢迎的日本厢式客货车品牌,前者搭载欧6引擎,相较于后者的传统柴油引擎。

18(17+1) 座位、6米长的View CS 2有窗客货车是福田的另一杰作,搭载康明斯2800cc 欧6涡轮柴油引擎,行李储存空间宽敞,适用于大规模运载旅客、工厂员工及学生。

View C2 和View CS2客货车被标志为3E– Ease(舒适)、Efficient(效率)及Excellent(卓越)产品产品。“舒适”指的是无可挑剔的产品质量,问题极微。Mpire Asia拥有覆盖全马的广泛服务网络,对产品的高度信心也让它毫不犹豫地与福田联手推介5年或150,000公里保修期。

第2个“E”字母代表着“效率”,View C2 和View CS2 的维修成本相当低,1,000公里至100,000公里的成本大约为5,600令吉。这将为客户带来较低的营运成本,并在最终为客户带来更高的利润和强化他们的竞争优势。此外,Mpire Asia也透过训练有素和经验丰富的技术人员,提供顶尖的技术支援。

第3个“E”字母则代表着“卓越”,View C2 和View CS2都配备绿色引擎,路税比较低之外,还可降低碳排放,带来一个更具持续性的生态系统。其确定的产品卓越性,降低停机时间,提供更高的吞吐量和生产力。

Mpire Asia决心为其View C2 和View CS2客户提供“3E”。

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